Victorian battleships and steamships..can anyone help?

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    HMS Benbow

    Hi, I'm new to this list so hello everybody! My interests are those Royal Navy ships my family served on over 6 generations - I've been collecting images (mainly from the web) for years and am now (since I retired) starting to do watercolours of them and maybe model one or two. One of them is the 1885 Benbow hence my interest in the possibility of a paper model becoming available. Regarding decent plans, I believe the National Maritime Museum hold the originals, but charge a hefty sum for copies., which must be made in the original size. I'm ewaiting their response for the exact cost.
    Regards, John
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    Here is a good one from not too long ago in a Fine Scale Modelers mag.

    US aircraft manufactures are exploring other revenue streams including royalties for all models of their particular subjects.

    Claim is they own the artistic rights to the aircraft.

    What is the worl coming to.
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    Well it looks as if this time it's not coming to an end.:p

    Please lets us know how much they want for the plans. I've never had the guts to ask them.
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    I'd like to see citadel battleship "Italia"

    Think, it would be a good adding to Duilio model.

    Does anyone has plans for this beauty?

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    SS Beaver

    :wave: From BC Canada. The FIRST Steam/Side Paddle/Sailing Ship on the Pacific Ocean. Built in England 1835 Run aground in 1888 at Prospect Point BC Canada. I built from scratch a 30in model

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