Victorian battleships and steamships..can anyone help?

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  1. We've been designing paper model aircraft and postcards for some time but have been wanting to make up some paper models of steamships - particularly ships that combine sails with funnels, and ironclad warships (1860's to 1900's). You can see some of our aircraft here..By Air Classique - Postcards and Aircraft Models

    If this area is of particular interest to you we would love to hear for you and perhaps, we may, be able to make some of your yearned for models of this era available:)

    We have accumulated a few books and plans over the years, but really not our area of expertise. We would probably be designing in 1/400 scale.


    Contour Creative Studio
  2. B-Manic

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    I would be extremely interested in warships from this period. Do you have any idea when the aircraft card models will be available?
  3. Art Decko

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    My favorite ship era!

    I suppose one obvious nominee would be the Great Eastern. You get funnels and sails (ten masts of 'em) ... AND sidewheels ... AND screws! Jackpot! :)

    Good luck with your project!
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  5. By the way, are you familiar with David Hathaway's Paper Shipwright site?

    Paper Shipwright - Card Models

    I love the early ironclad to pre-dreadnought era. Possible suggestions:

    S.S. Great Britain -- still preserved.

    HMS Warrior -- also a museum ship.

    Gloire -- the first seagoing ironclad conversion, though very ugly. ;-)

    CSS Stonewall -- never actually served the Confederacy,but later became the Azuma, first modern warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy. An option to build either incarnation would be nice.

    Endurance -- Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic explorer.

    HMS Victoria and HMS Camperdown -- "Together again." ;-)
  6. cjwalas

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    I would also be very interested in ships of this period and especially some of the more unique side-wheelers and ironclads. Best of luck in this endeavor!
  7. David H

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    Hi Rosie

    HMS Warrior, that would be a dream come true. In fact I cannot believe there isn't one already!

    Drawings seem scarce.

    HMS Warrior is an impressive vessel, more so since one can visit the Mary Rose and HMS Victory in the same day at Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard.

    Royal Navy's Sovereign class Battleships are cool too, see the IJN Mikasa but a little less advanced. But no sails.

    Keep us all posted and shout if you need any help.

  8. The Ships we are looking at...

    Wonderful to realise that there's some interest in this era. In response to question on our aircraft, our original buisnes plans for 2007 have been slowed down a great deal by Terry getting cancer (with upcoming treatment etc) but we have finalised our BY AIR Classique list and still looking to get them out early next year:)
    The good thing is that at least there are three designers in the household! and Terry's son, Jack will be working a great deal on the ship designs.

    The ships that we want to start working on include:

    The HMS Devastation, HMS Inflexible, HMS Minotaur, HMS Agincourt 1871, HMS Benbow.

    Redoubtable 1873 (French), Gloire (FR), Massena (FR).

    Cunard Liners SS Britannia, SS Arabia.
    Inman Liner SS City Of Rome

    This is just a list we have put together based on the reference material we have but certainly would like to add some more to the files we will have underway. As we have found with designing over the years, the greatest impact on design timing is the quality and availability of reference material.

    If any of the members would like to contact me in relation to the above - and more importantly if you have good reference material:) - we would be happy to talk futher off forum (and if you have something that you've accumulated inforrmation on, and would just LOVE to see as a model - as longs as it is in the zone - then email also).

    We are looking foward to our foray into designing paper ships of this era, which seem to me to have a special look and an aesthetic all of their own, which is a good enough reason to want to see them as models.

    Cheers and regards

  9. B-Manic

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    added picture

    I'm sorry to here about Terry's health problems. I hope his treatment goes well.

    A Diadem Class, First Class Protected Cruiser (HMS/HMCS NIOBE preferred) would make me ecstatic.

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    NULLMOON Member

    hms warrior god i would love a kit of that it just looks so sinster:twisted:
  11. I love the steamships. Particularly the old paddlewheel stamers. They have a combined the character of the riverboats in a seagoing vessel. I hope you include a line as there are many historic models to choose from. Not that many affordable models on the web though. I hope yours are.
  12. Very fine choices. Would HMS Inflexible be in her original rig, or her final configuration? HMS Benbow was an oddity among the Admiral class, but this does provide a common hull for the other Admirals. Have you considered HMS Alexandra? That would be a good example of the center casement warship.

    The French warships are sorely under-represented. Another possibility is the Rochambeau (ex-Dunderburg).

    Your taste in ocean liners is impeccable. I might also suggest the Cunard Scottia and the White Star Teutonic.

    Good luck with this project, and best wishes for Terry's full recovery.
  13. 19th century ships..

    The HMS Alexandra is impressive but only have a single photo at present :)

    I agree with your comments on French Warships...not only under-represented, but in general appearance must be regarded as some of the most striking looking ships ever constructed.

    I am on the look out for an OK plan of the SS City of Rome. (A VERY beautiful ship with three funnel) Any ideas?


  14. If you want a test builder i would be happy to volunteer


    How about the civil war gun boat Memphis,later renamed Mississippi.

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  16. Thanks everyone for their suggestions. If anyone knows where we can get hold of a decent HMS Benbow plan, I would love to know.
  17. paperboy

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    I love your plans for building the Victorian's. I've been looking at building the French coastal defense battleship L'Indomptable. Plans are available from the french naval archives. I attached a picture of this ship in early configuration w tripod masts and open gun barbettes.


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  18. Thanks Vernon...hope life is well in South Carolina. Jack has made good progress and is working on two French ships of that era..Zelee and Jaureguiberry. Shame the philosophy of the French Naval archivists aren't extended to other countries...
  19. David H

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    Hi Carl,

    Is that the PRO - Public Records Office?

  20. bigbenn

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    I have some prints and in some cases some plans of some of these ships - I supplied the Model Shipwright with some of his plans which later became one or two models and I'm supplying someone else too.
    Pix are from public domain resources and all outside copyright and all referenced.
    I particularly like the period 1850 to 1900 changeover from sail to steam.
    Contact me if interested and we can kick around the options

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