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Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by Nekayah, May 5, 2007.

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    Strictly speaking this may be off topic, but my interests include early optical toys, and I've just stumbled on a very unusual site which may interest others. It's ambitious, maybe so much so that it might not last, so you might want to check it out lest it disappear. It's "Mind in Disguise Designs" Lots of phenatoscope disks, magic lantern images, lots of digitized patent applications (going back at least to 1833) on all kinds of topics, the same moving toys from the 1920s from (I think) L.A. Times that are on the Barnacle Press site but digitized, some early Disney stuff. It's in progress, with lots of ideas about things to come.
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    Link Is Dead

    I'm intrigued but something's wrong with the link.:cry:

    Could you fix it please?


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    AWESOME stuff!

    Thanks for pointing this one out~!:-D
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    Brilliant Stuff!

    Link's working now.:grin:

    Thanks Nekayah!

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    I've already posted this site under "Internet Finds," but this may be a more appropriate place to list it. It's a French site very similar to Mind in Disguise Designs and Barnacle Press. The site owner has been posting almost daily for 2 years, and while it's a very mixed bag, there's a lot of outstanding old stuff (including some Epinal) here. The top part of the site is kind of like movie credits, but run down to the bottom and you'll see the most recent posts.

    Here it is:
  6. Mind In Disguise

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    Mind In Disguise Designs - my site

    Hello everyone... wow it is amazing to see that others on the web have found my site! I'm so happy!

    Okay and in response... Yes I am a very busy person, with very little time to upload... which is why there has not been anything new posted in a while...

    I work a regular full time career, and also attend school full time working toward a degree in Mechanical Engineering...

    The site WILL NOT disappear...

    I do have tons of more stuff to upload... I used to sell a disc on ebay with everything I've got on there... but gave that up because going to the post office just became a pain, and I wanted everyone to have all this stuff for free... I'm very passionate about this type of stuff and wished to find a disc exactly like I ended up having to make...

    The entire collection took over a decade to compile, and to this day is still growing...

    Current plans are (this summer when I'm going to actually take a break from school) to recreate the site (same url though) because I have learned a lot of fancy webpage writing.... also once I have a high speed connection (in next month or so as well) I will be able to upload much faster...

    Thank you so much though for your support and spreading the word!

    Also post here what you would like to see first... and I'll make sure and get it up there for ya!

    P.S. Ignore the first page about buying discs... there is no need or any need to donate to the site... it is a labor of love for me... the future site will not have annoying google ads or anything like that... and is going to be a permanent fixture of the internet.

    Also if any of you are on myspace, I can be found at (yes that is me, and no I'm not 90.. haha) or you can email me direct at ... It will be great to hear from you!

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