Vickers-K for 'smart' fingers

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by wingsbg, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. wingsbg

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    I’m designing the next my model of Wallrus Mk.I. She is armed with two machine guns Vickers-K. Because the model is in my ‘Easy’ series the guns will be in pure flat variant, but for the people with ‘smart’ fingers, who like details I have released the detailed version of that gun and it is included in my FREE WEAPON PROJECT. You can freely download and try your self.
    I have included some photos of my build – they look a bit raw, but it is for the high zoom. I think the gun for scale 1:48 looks very good.
  2. Alcides

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    Thank you !!! Your FREE weapon projet is great !!!

    Kancho, just a commet:

    I understand the cockpit is one of most dificult things to design and build, more in 1/48 scale but somethimes I miss a "simple" copkit in some models, at least how an option.


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