Vickers Guns on Sopwith

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by mldixon, May 2, 2010.

  1. mldixon

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    This is going to finish as a pair of twin Vickers on a partial Sopwith Frame. The guns are overlooking the Clerget 9b 130 HP. The frame is built up out of Balsa right now , but this was for design purposes. The engine was built from a sketchup model that I unfolded, and flattened. The scale is about 1:6. This is a mock up for the finished product. I am thinking of making a set of plans and instructions in PDF format just to see how hard that process is going to be.

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  2. sjsquirrel

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    Looks great

    This looks great so far. The engine almost looks like it would run.
    What did you use for unfolding the Sketchup file? I use Metasequoia and Pepakura, and I've never had any luck using a Sketchup file.

    Look forward to seeing more of this build.

  3. mldixon

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    I use a plugin called unfold. You have to explode the model to its components, and then seperate them. I then unfold them with the plugin. It is not automatic. After the unfolding I apply them to a flat surface and then I send them to layout. In layout I am able to scale them to whatever scale I am working in. Link to sketchup scripts is

    Lots of useful stuff here but a steep learing curve. I also use adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, and corel draw.

    I am still building on this but to be honest it is a sort of seat of pants model that I started because I always liked the way the twin Vickers looked out over that engine and prop.
  4. Nothing

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    very cool idea! looks great!
  5. cgutzmer

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    Looks great!

    Little comment here - I think if you added even a couple small details to that gun barrel it would realy make it pop - Like i see the long narrow lines down the barrel, if those were even another layer of cardstock to add a bit of actual 3d texture it would be that much better! :) course I am not sure how the actual gun looks - got a nice pics of what you are trying to represent?
  6. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    I like this! Looks good and appears to promise a nice-looking model.
  7. Ron Hall

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    Great looking build. I'm curious as to what coloring you
    use to make a plywood grain effect on the engine firewall.
    I've been pondering on this to do the ammo boxes and
    work tales on my B-17 project. Ron
  8. mldixon

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    I used sketchup pro version 7 to make the model. I am using the paint part of this program. I used a texture that I had available on my computer that was part of a program called ChiefArchitect. The texture collection include images of Formica Chips. I am sure you can go to Formicas website and pull down any images of this that you want. I then used sketchup to scale the image to the proper scale. I use the pro version but sketchup is free for the download. If you use photoshop you can get the same effect. Hope this helps if not call me back.
  9. peter taft

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    Now this is really great work indeed - Great design and build thus far :thumb:
  10. c wiseman

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    Excellent looking vickers. How many componemts ended up being assembled to make the gun?
  11. mldixon

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    Thank you...

    Total parts cut were 35. Some laminated others notl

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