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    Josh, I went to the MR magazine index and had some difficulty getting the search function to accept the name, but did eventually manage to find that there are over a dozen articles about this man's layout(s). I couldn't find any place to view pictures though. I do have a lot of the magazines mentioned, so I'll try to find some of them when I have the time. Unfortunately, I don't yet have a scanner, so the best I'll be able to do is a description of any suitable photos, along with the date of the issue and the magazine name. You may be able to order reprints of the articles.

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    Josh, I finally managed to dig out those back issues of MR and RMC. I have MR back as far as 1953, and RMC only as far back as the early '70's, so I have nothing on the early RMC articles, from March 1951, to January '58. The earliest reference in MR is April, 1962, and that is the article that I mentioned earlier. Subsequent articles, in both MR and RMC are mainly layout mini tours.
    The article on the bridge is four pages, with some "in progress" shots of the model and a couple of prototype photos. The bridge is a multiple span through truss-type bridge supported by concrete piers, with a double track rail line on the main level and a highway on the top of the trusses. The model, based on the prototype Southern Pacific bridge over the Pit River Canyon, is built in O scale and is about 11' long. Most of the model photos show the site preparation - benchwork, building the surrounding terrain, and installation of sheet of glass used to model the "water". The lone photo showing the bridge itself under construction features a loco with a flatcar carrying bridge girders on the lower level of the bridge, and a mobile (truck-mounted) crane on the upper deck, hoisting a girder into place. There are lots of workers in the scene, which also includes a safety net made from a nylon stocking.
    The construction of the terrain is quite interesting: 1"x4" benchwork, with burlap stapled over forms, then covered with house plaster mixed with an equal amount of shredded asbestos. After the terrain was coloured, real dirt and rocks from the prototype site were added, along with coloured sawdust "grass". Evidently, Mr. Humann was unaffected by the asbestos, as the last article catalogued, in the April '93 issue of RMC, shows him looking quite hale and hearty, with mention made that he was 80 years old.
    His layout, built over a period of 42 years by him and his wife, was declared "finished" in this last article. It occupied a 36'x60' basement, and had over 900' of track. They also operated a full-size live steam railroad on their ranch, near Gerber, California. I don't know if this operation is still in existence, as both of their children were also quite involved in the operation.

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    :eek: Wow thanks Wayne for all the info.

    Wow, that sounds pretty cool, I am going to see about getting a re-print of the issue. How much do you think that it would cost?

    Hmm, safety netts, never thought of that, maybe I will put some of those on the bridge scene too.

    Dang, that was a huge layout and over 900' of track!!:eek: :eek: What a layout, I would have loved to see that!!

    Thanks again for the info Waynebounce7 bounce7
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    It all sounds good Josh.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Hopefully starting construction after christmas. I have 2 other "modules" that I am working on building too, the extension for my HO layout for my Asphalt Plant and the module for the N scale steel mill that I have already bought:D :D LOL
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    I must say Josh, you sure will be busy. Should keep you busy for awhile.:D
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    And my parents and grandparents say that is a good thing because it keeps me from drinking and off drugs :thumb: :thumb: even though I have never done them before :thumb: :D and I am glad to say that as alot of kids my age can't say is true :cry:

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