VF-1A by Shunichi Makino, Janx and Getter1

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Balsadawg, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Balsadawg

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    Long story short:

    What is the latest version of the VF-1A done by these guys?

    I have found several different versions of the model, and there are some slight differences in the parts that make me think not only were the schemes changed, but there was a general upgrade in the modeling as well.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. goodduck

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  3. ----zathros---

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    Thanks for the link Allen, I was looking for that bird! :)
  4. Balsadawg

    Balsadawg New Member

    Yes, thanks for the link.

    I think that is the original, the one that started it all.

    The latest one I believe is the VF-1J "non-canon" Stealth version.

    The only problem with that version is so much of it is dark. Printing on an inkjet sucks the tank dry, and on laser gets expensive in a hurry.

    I'm thinking I need to get in touch with the "powers that be" and get their nod on creating a blank (or nearly so) version.
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  5. legal01

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    Hey Balsadawg, Im the power that is for the stealth version, what changes are you looking for?

    Also latest updated version of the Valkyries are available at PM if you are looking for them. Has updated as part of the tag line.
  6. Balsadawg

    Balsadawg New Member

    Hey legal.

    NICE tribal phoenix. Reminds me of a tat of Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) I was thinking about getting on my shoulderblade.


    I was looking for a more "printer friendly" version of the VF-1 with all the updated parts that have been added on since the original by Shunichi Makino.

    I'm not really a stickler between "canon" and "non-canon" so much as a "what looks cool" kind of builder.

    When I was building RC, the one thing I felt lacking was the ability to "dress up" a model with all the armaments and such. Now I don't have to worry about every bleeding ounce, I plan on adding anything that can be nailed, bolted, taped or glued to it... :p
  7. legal01

    legal01 Member

    The most printer friendly are the VF-1S Focker and the VF-1A & J Rick versions, models are mostly white which saves on printing. MOst of the non-canon tend to be fully coloured and killer on printing.

    If you PM me your email address I can send through the latest updated versions no probs.

    The tribal phoenix was the test design for my tat on my left shoulder. Looks awesome in real life!
  8. ----zathros---

    ----zathros--- -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    You could always upload the latest version, and that would enable you to remove it whenever you wish, or not. I don't mess with lawyers!! :)
  9. legal01

    legal01 Member

    I would gladly load it but I am not the only designer with a credit to the design so awaiting their go ahead before doing so! I don't mess with other designers!:(
  10. Balsadawg

    Balsadawg New Member

    WAHHHH! Why don't nobody worry about messing with us lowlife model put-together-ers? ;P

    Thanks for the PM offer, but I went over to PM (confusing, no?) and downloaded the very ones you mentioned.

    Yessss, ussess are happy now, aren't we, Preciousss... >:I
    [slinks off to a cramped, but unusually well lit, corner where snipping noises can be heard]
  11. ----zathros---

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    I think I was the only one here booted out of P.M.. Still don't know why, don't care, would have left and was about to. Many good people there, too many idiots though. Sorry, but their percentage is much higher, I can count the people here at Zealot who are idiots one finger (me), and when they don't Ban known pirates stealing work from their own members, well, find out for yourselves. I don't begrudge anyone taking anything or doing anything from or at any other forum, if done legitimately, why not. I belong to other forums, though they have nothing to do with paper. I have no problem with people talking, (positively) about P.M. either, though some may feel that what fact I mentioned is not positive, but it is a fact, it is happening now, anyone caught sharing someone elses work consistently, not once, accidentally, will be booted. A member doing that to another member, and many many times, is a lowlife. We Banned that jerk a long time ago. No slinking necessary. No slinking wanted! Do it up front. Any model I really want I design myself, if I am denied it. I wish I had time to build models like you guys do. :)
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