VF-1 Valkyrie

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    Nice find Getter,
  2. Down loaded and ready for building, soon as i finish my hanger deck and raptor. Getter first class job on the Val. Can't wait to build your version.

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    Hey Guys,

    No prob. Thought that one would tie some over till these are up ;)

    I like it but it has some styling issues. Not to keen on the head in particular but it's ok. Janx's weapons are far better to. I'll be buildint Zen's Valk of course but probably after his X-Wing ver. 2 :D

    When I get more ink I'll be starting a real build, not just the B/W test units in the pics. Got a few that I just have to build up :D

    Tossed up pics of the main builds I want to do in this order to ;)


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    :woot1: My gosh! I'm gonna get my snacks ready for this next build. It'll be like a movie with a popcorn! *Psst - If this comes out as download, I'll Ver. Ka it up sign1 -Keep it up guys!
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    Angle Birds Battroid! Thats awsome. There should be a battroid with AngleBirds paint version for an option!
  6. Getter1

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    Some of the files are with Chris awaiting uploading to the downloads area, patience my son....
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    Pathetic it may be but in Shunichi's blog he pointed this out so I did the scheme :p THe stand even says Gundam V.

    I'll most likely never build it but it was there so I did it:p

    You should scroll throughthe rest of the pages to see more of those Korean cartoons. Most of em are pretty bad. Though this one had some decent looking mechs,


    Don't know where the inspirations came from but the logo is a dead give-away (rolls eyes).

  10. Getter1

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    Yes The Angel Bird scheme is done ;)

    Here is a list of the color schemes already done.

    VF/T1D-Trainer, Standard combat colors, Max and Millia wedding version

    VF-1S-Skull Leader

    VF-1J-Hikaru (Rick), Max, Millia, Standard combat colors, Gundam V, Axoid (release pending)

    VF-1A-Standard combat colors, Angel Birds, Dark Birds, Kakizaki (Ben), Max, UN Guard,
    VF-1X (from Macross VFX2 on Playstation)

    DYRL-VF-1S-Max, Hikaru, Fokker
    VF-1A-Max, Hikaru, Kakizaki, Standard combat colors

    Robotech Battlecry game versions (release pending)

    Jack Archer-all variants
    Izzy-all variants
    Wolf Squadron-all variants
    Stealth-all variants


    VF-1S-Vexar (release pending)
    VF-1D-Orbot (release pending)
    VF-X Prototype Valk.
    YF-1R (from Robotech Battlecry-release pending)

    Janx has at least 1 original scheme completed. I've seen 3 others in progress (not sure if done or not). He's keeping tight lipped even to me on schemes so who knows what he's cookin up :p

    I have litteraly 1 more part to make and I'm done with my part of the project minus finishing the schemes I'm doing. Many of those schemes I'm not in any hurry to complete as I've yet to hear from Harmony Gold bout releasing them (staring to wonder if that's my answer).

    I won't push an un-tested part out ther so the detail sheet will have to wait till I get more ink (printer's dry as a bone ATM :p ).

    Janx has a couple things to complete plus any color schemes he's working on anong the other many projects he's got goin so wer're seeing the lightr at the end of the tunnel here. Wait a minute.............that light.................IT'S A TRAIN!!!!

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    Valkyrie Stand

    I have a bit of an update on the stand for the Valks here in the thread. Somehow I have corrupted my original files for the stand pictured earlier in the thread!wall1:curse:wall1:curse: Luckily, (at least I think) I kept the arm and the stand itself seperate, it will unfold in Pep. The arm and the stand will more than likely be seperate files unless I can figure out how to get the arm into Pep with the stand. I have decided to simplify it greatly for ease of construction. I really was happy with the detail on the other stand too. I'll figure out how to add a little detail to this new stand, but not so much as to detract from the center pieces. Namely the Valkyrie and the arm. This has taught me to back up my work!!!! Here is a pic of what I have done so far:

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  12. Janx

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    Pep has a function to import another pep file as long as both or neither have been unfolded. ( make sure the scale is the same too)
  13. Janx

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    Monitor Just died on me, only got the slug laptop atm, so cant do any updates :(
  14. ltla9000311

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    Valkyrie Stand

    Another update for evryone. This redesign went alot quicker and smoother than the first one. I guess I learned something in the process!:mrgreen: I have an uncolored version printed out and should have a finished pic up by the weekend. Here a screen capture from Sketchup:

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    Great work!!!!
  16. Janx

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    Probs uploading atm as the files are so large, in process of redrawing and conversion into PDFs sorry for the delays guys.
  17. Getter1

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    Hello All,

    Well Janx is making prgress on the re-draws and might i say none will be dissapointed at what he's acheiving ;) The files will be much smaller to.

    I the mean time I've been working on the last few detail parts. The Emergency nose seperation and the Battroid mode seat extendor.

    In the pics the D's cockpit section was the next to final test so it does look a bit weird. I didn't want to cut it all apart to get the final tweaked in one on so I put the connection block on that one. I didn't test the connection rod as it was forgotten at the time of prinitng the parts :p

    The Seat Riserand neck retraction gear went together far better than I had anticipated. I felt there was no need to test up the D as it will work just the same. Not to mention the prototypes up till these pics had a terible accident ans couldn't be used any further or I would've whipped up a D boulbe seat to :p

    We hope to have these ready really soon but with Janx re-drawing it's almost starting over but not quite. He's really fast to so be patient a bit more :D

    Enjoy the pics,

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    oh come on!!!. :eek:
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    This is madness!!!!
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    dude I think I speak for everyone... stop doing this to us!! it's a torture to watch the pics... you're an amazing designer... and I think there isn't a better way to honor a papercraft designer than to make his desings... cheers... and thanks for the hard work

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