VF-1 Valkyrie

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  1. sfpaperist

    sfpaperist New Member


    Ah! it is wonderful.
    What a detailed work it is!
    I am glad.

    It is not good at English. I'm sorry.

    Shunichi Makino
  2. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Mr. Makino,

    I am glad you could join us here. I am also glad that you like the build :D

    Your English is a lot better than my Japanese so no worries ;)

    Don't think I ever said before but your TIE FIghter was my 1st paper model.


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  3. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Wow ... now your attracting other artists.


    ps. great pictures of your build. omfg I want so much to build this now.
  4. wulf111

    wulf111 Member

    G1 i am not sure if this has been covered already or not what paper weight and tools are you using to do these. i am fairly new to the papercraft hobby and dont quite know all this stuff yet. and on the wing thickness the instructions say to use a strip of paper but it looks like you would need several strips to create the proper thickness, would a sanded down popcicle stick also work?
  5. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Mr. Makino, Thank you for the original design!
  6. Janx

    Janx Member

    That looks fantastic Getter1.

    I can hopefully stop soon, just a few more schemes to go.

    Makino san Domo arigato for your inspiration and design. The Atst was one of my first paper models.
  7. sfpaperist

    sfpaperist New Member

    Everybody. Thank you.
    TIE FIghter is a papercraft designed for the first time.
    It was very simple.
  8. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member


    1st off the paper used is 65lbs. cardstock. I used construction paper for the Triple Missiles as the cardstock was giving me alignment fits trying to roll so tight for the paper weight. The canopy was printed on regular printer paper to reduce the thickness. I actually made a whole page of canopy frames to print on regular paper to save from double printing a page of parts when I only need a few of em :p Too bad I did that after I already did Max's canopy as I added pilot names to the canopy frames :(

    For tools *(Take notes, Getta-Tricks ahead)*,

    Small Metal Ruler - for cutting and scoring parts.

    Stylis - for scoring parts. Note I score fold lines before I cut anything out.

    X-Acto Knife and Good Scissors - for cuting out parts obviously :p

    Needle Nose Pliers - for pressing seams tight to lock in alignment. I also use these to hold small parts along the fold lines and fold em using the edge of the pliers to keep the fold straight. I use a toothpick to aid in folds to. For small sections a toothpick can make the folding a lot easier and safer for the part. For many folds I even use the above method to sharpen the fold up producing a much cleaner fold. Bottom line Needle Nose Pliers are a must!

    Various pens, markers, watercolor pencils, ect. - for edge coloring. Note for black edges try to use a gray marker instead of black. A couple passes with gray matches far better than one overpowering pass of black.

    Lots of Toothpicks - What don't I use em for? I apply glue with em, I fold small parts with em, True up fold edges with em, on occasion they are parts or reinforcements for parts. When they are all gummed up with glue they become handy paint stirrers or stock for parts (such as landing gear struts for the Valks.). Toothpicks are like duct-tape man :D

    Dowels and rods of various diameters - for rolling parts agianst to shape.

    Sanding Films and paints - for hiding bad building technique :p Sometimes you can smooth out rounded areas for a more blended look and paint em.

    Last but not least my favorite,

    STICKY FINGERS - take an old toothpick and wrap a 2 inch piece of masking tape around on the "end" of the strip of tape on to itself. Then take the tape and wrap it onto itself sticky side out. Walla you got yourself a sticky finger for holding small parts to apply glue and for setting those pesky little parts in place. When the sticky is all messed up peel a bit off and walla it's refreshed :D

    One word of warning on Sticky Fangas. For tiny delicate parts the finger's strength may be a bit too much. That can be remedied but rolling it in yoiur finger tips to lessen it's grip with the oil from your fingers.

    Hope this helps :D

  9. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member


    Opps got into that list and I forgot to answer your ? bout the wings. use a strip of regular printer paper bout 1/4 inch wide. Glue half of it to the trailing edge of the wing. Before the glue sets up too much fold it over forming a tab on the back edge of the wing to attach the other side to. Why not just make a tab on the back side of one wing surface you say? You could do that but that's amatur (not trying to sound arrogant). The printer paper makes a much tighter seam. For the thickness the 2 layers of 65lbs. cardstock produces that thickness. The paper tab contributes very little but does some. If a tab was just extended off the back of the wing trailing edge it would produce too thick a trailing edge and may make alignment of the 2 surfaces off a bit.

    These models can be as simple or as complex as you want em to be. Add whatever option parts you think you can handle and most importantly have fun :D

  10. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Do it, you know you wanna ;)

  11. marksolo

    marksolo New Member

    can any one tell me which of the download file contains the pilot figure?

    can any one also tell me how is the transparent windshield made?

    it looks great
  12. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member


    The pilots have yet to be released by Janx. He's trying to catch up on a ton o stuff ATM so he's probably not thought bout it. Give him time, soon enough ;)

    As for the canopy make a canopy witht he tabs on the outside. I used the canopy blank from the detail sheet. Fill the canopy with putty or filler (I used 5 min. epoxy myself). When the filler has dried soak the paper canopy off in a glass of water. Sand down the mold to remove the bumps fromt he paper seams. Sand it down as fine as you can. Mount the mold on a dowel or something and heat a piece of plastic (I used a piece of a battery pak) over a candle. When it begins to sag quickly plung the plastic over the mold and let cool. Trim it up and walla you're done ;) There are several ways to do this other than how I described but I found this method the easiest so far.

  13. sfpaperist

    sfpaperist New Member

    Canopy of the transparency is wonderful.
    It is a good idea.
    Cockpit looks good if there is no figure.
  14. marksolo

    marksolo New Member

    Thanks for the info Getter1

    I already have tons of Macross toys, but these will be my most prized collection (when i get there, that is)

  15. Janx

    Janx Member

    TV Pilots added to downloads
  16. Unikron00

    Unikron00 New Member

    Hi all I have been a member for a while but haven't posted any comments. I just want to say Fantastic job with the VF's
  17. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Hey Uk00,

    Thanks for the kind words (I'm sure I speak for the others involved in this project as well).

    Hope you do a build and show ;)

  18. marksolo

    marksolo New Member


    Just downloaded the pilot figures, thanks for all the hard work.
    Janx and others,
    I am a slow builder though, took me a couple months just to build JayBat's Galactica, so it will be a while before I can post some pics.
  19. Unikron00

    Unikron00 New Member

    He is the second VF I have done so far.
  20. juliansu27

    juliansu27 New Member

    exelente tu trabajo una vez empese con una proyecto parecido pero no fue de tanta calidad no me atrebo a publicar las fotos por qe son horribles al lado de lo que armastes mis sinceras felicitaciones saludos julian

    Excellent your work once I began with one similar project but it was not so many quality I do not dare to publish the photos because they are horrible next to what armastes my sincere congratulations regards julian

    a los latinos o qe entiendan castellano me traducen qe no tengo idea del ingles solo use una traductor saludos

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