Vespa 150 from Paper-replika

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  1. batidores

    batidores New Member

    Vespa 150 from Paper-replika (completed 15/February/09)

    Hello, I'm trying to build the Vespa from juleskrafter.
    A very very big model.
    Actually I'm no sure about the scale.
    I’ post a few photos.

    And I’m not finished yet , the work are about 50%.

  2. cmags

    cmags Guest

    Looking good! How did you do the lamp lens? I can't tell if that's the pattern printed on reflective paper or if you used a piece of transparency and slightly scored it to give the markings in the glass effect. If you didn't, it sounds like it would work pretty easily and add some good detail.

    Keep us posted!
  3. batidores

    batidores New Member

    In fact it's really easy.
    I make a cone (20 x 4mm), in 80 gr white paper glued to aluminium foil. (whit white glue) , the UHU doesn't work.
    Fit inside the cone and put a drop of UHU glue in the centre, as a lamp.
    Finally cut a round acetate and scratch the lines in the inside .Copying the pattern from a photo.
    Close , and finish , easy ,isn't it?.
    If u like to see my complete report , it's here:Vespa 150

    See you.
  4. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    Very nice looking! Mine is printed, just need to find the time to get on it!
  5. batidores

    batidores New Member

    Well I'm close to The End , like in Quadrophoenia.
    Lot of changes and a lot of fun.
    The model works well , but for to be more close to the real thing I added some stuff.
    If you build it ,you can chose between the red or Union Jack covers for the motor.
    I choose the Union Jack ones.
    Only build the mirrors and the exhaust.
    Well ,and the girl too.:mrgreen:
  6. batidores

    batidores New Member

    This is The End my only frien The End...

    Well , the final treads of the model.
    I hope you like it:
    Lot of fun in this very big model (1:6,5 scale).
    Hard to work with glossy paper.
    At least 17 elements added to get it more close to the real thing.
    I'm finishing the driver:
  7. batidores

    batidores New Member

    The driver:
  8. atamjeet

    atamjeet Member

    I have no words to express my surprise.... Its Damn good, Damn sexy and Damn real... I had a Vespa with me 3 years ago... I couldn't think of anyone making this one.... May I know where did you get this model? and can I get this file?
    I loved the expressions on the driver's face... Lovely.... May I have this file as well? Could you please email me the same at
    I would definitely try my hand on Vespa....
  9. batidores

    batidores New Member

    Hi !.
    First tanks at all.
    In second place this model is from Julius Perdana (julescrafter) , active member of this forum.
    It's free and you can find it here:
    Paper Replika
    He presented this model in 01-03-2009 in this post:
    Piaggio Vespa 150 Scooter

    I have to say it's hard modified , but I'm so happy about the final result.

    The girl It's from the same place.
    I hope you enjoy ,like me.

    Note:If you want to see the building report , it's here:Vespa 150 Piaggio & Vespa girl (PAPER REPLIKA) completada 22/02/09


    Elsewhere if you want I send you the model via E-mail

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