Very Unpleasant Day in the East

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Ben H, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. spitfire

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    Here in the suburbs of Toronto our power was only restored at 3:45 pm yesterday, making it 1/2 hour short of 24 hours. I have cable tv and internet but about an hour after the power came on, the cable service conked out. It's now up and running again as of 2:30 pm today, and before it goes down again I just want to thank everyone for their concern and let you know we're all fine up this way.

    I live in a quiet residential area and there was quite a "party" mood here the night of the blackout, with neighbours sitting out on their front porches with candles and talking and laughing with each other, and eating all our ice cream before it could spoil! People were out walking around with flashlights - a very friendly atmosphere.

  2. Partsman

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    We were out of province on the 'West Coast' of Michigan near Grand Haven on thursday and friday. We heard of the blackout on television in the motel room on friday morning. There were no problems that far west.

    We returned home to London on Friday evening and the neighbours informed us that power had been out from just after 4PM on thursday until about 3AM on friday morning. We have had no problems since that time.

    Traffic was flowing fairly smoothly at the Port Huron/Sarnia border crossing when we returned to Ontario around 6PM. There appeared to be some minor problems with the bridge traffic lane indicator lights on the American side, but there seemed little if any disruption on the Canadian side.
  3. belg

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    Jersey boy

    I'm sure you guys wouldn't forget about me in Jersey as well. Luckily we were on vacation at the shore and were not affected down there it looks like all our freezer items survived and don't show any worse for wear. Coming back more relaxed than usual and for that I'm truly thankful. My Hell will probably start back on Monday when I go back to work.
  4. interurban

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    As some of you know My wife is an M S suffer and I had her downstaires on the back deck enjoying the afternoon with a spot of tea. Prob is We are dependent on the elevater to get her back up stairs, after 2 hours my wife is very tired..
    Well folks I now know how to do a firemans lift up 14 stairs. I was in need of oxygen after that:(
    But all is well that ends well. No there was no other option except 911 and they where busy.;)
  5. rcwatkins

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    I hope you guys are ok. Not too far from us in Memphis, power was out for 2+weeks in many areas, & the worst part about it was that one sides of many streets was on while the other sides of the same streets had no power. :rolleyes: We've lucked out here because the power hasn't gone out in quite some time. Thank God for underground power.
  6. jimmybeersa

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    After having survived a three day power out last year I know how you all feel....... Now !!! you all better organise a rolling startup for your layout electrics ....Or...O'hell here it goes again
  7. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    12hrs. without power....

    I was just finishing work on Thursday afternoon when the power went off.

    My ritual is to call Ruby and/or she calls me.

    I was supposed to be heading to a client's house to mow the grass for him.

    (I moonlight with an agency that supplies handy-persons to seniors and shut-ins, at a low hourly rate. The extra cash pays for my addiction - model railroading. :D )

    As I was talking to Ruby on the phone, the power went out.

    This wasn't so bad, except that power went off at home at the same time. Uh-oh, this is big! The blackout is effecting at least the whole west end of the city... I decided to head straight home, not knowing what was happening or how long it would last...

    I walked a few blocks south to the nearest Subway Station/Bus terminal (Yonge Street & Sheppard Avenue) and waited for a bus westbound to Keele Steet.

    At the bus terminal, I heard that the power was off from the Atlantic Coast as far west as Detroit. Uh-oh! My first thought was Terrorists. My other thought was that a computer virus was to blame...

    Even though the traffic signals were not working, traffic was going pretty good until I got to Keele Street.

    Things were backed up for a couple of blocks westbound and southbound at the intersection.

    After a few overpacked buses went south without me, I decided to walk for a while, south to Wilson Avenue (1 1/4 miles or 2kms depending on whether you speak imperial or metric).

    I didn't see any more buses southbound on Keele Street, so I ended up taking the bus west for a couple of mainstreet blocks to Weston Road. (Keele Street and Weston Road both run North/South, but Weston Road angles east/west a bit, so that in the north part of the city they are about 2 1/2 miles or 4 kms apart, but in the south part of the city where I live, they merge together.)

    Got the Weston Road bus south to home.

    So my usual ~1 hour commute took 3 hours. I'm just glad that I had a bottle of Gator-aid in my back pack, or I would have been in trouble from the afternoon heat.

    My usual commute is all electic. Traction A.K.A. streetcar to the other Traction A.K.A. Subway.

    The power at home came back on at about 4 a.m. so the power was off for almost 12 hours exactly.

    Ruby has congestive heart failure, so the heat is a real danger for her. We run a couple of fans during the day to circulate the air, and run the A/C overnight.

    Thankfully, the last couple of nights have been cooler and the A/C hasn't been needed.

    I'm ticked off though.... I got a call this morning to report to work.

    I am a non-essential government employee, and under the state of emergency, declared by the premier, the Public Library is supposed to be closed to conserve power.

    The e-mail that I received says, "All staff scheduled to work on Monday, August 18 (At the Toronto Public Library) are expected to report for work as usual, even if the library remains closed to the public."

    "According to the employer, a decision will be made as to when the libraries will acually open to the public - they may decide to open them later on Monday."

    So I am here at work, having dealt with a couple of lighter than usual deliveries, I am now without anything to do.....

    So lights are on, Computers are on, and the A/C is running. But the doors are locked. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Re: 12hrs. without power....

    Good grief, that is the height of irresponsibility - especially when everyone has been specifically asked to curtail hydro use! I've just come from the grocery store where half the lights are out to conserve power. I haven't used my AC or dishwasher, nor have I watered my lawn since the state of emergency was declared.

    Whoever made that decision should be ashamed - it displays an astonishing lack of sensitivity and cooperation. With morons like that in charge it's no wonder things are such a mess.

    Yeah, and privatizing hydro is looking better and better......NOT!!!!!!!!

  9. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    Got an e-mail from the boss....

    All staff are to report to work even though we are going to be closed to the public!

    I guess that management would rather pay us to come in to work and do nothing.

    Instead of having us stay at home and do nothing... And use less energy at home....

    The TV news just reported that all non-essential government workers stayed home today!

    NOT!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Unless they want to re-classify the Public Library as an essential service... Hmmmm.... Does that come with a pay raise???? :confused:

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