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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by oceaneer99, Mar 2, 2007.

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    This modeler in Poland has been making model airplanes for 1:200 and 1:300 scale aircraft carriers. There are a few 1:72 and 1:100 models in there as well. He has an interesting site, and an impressive USS Wasp!

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    I saw a dutch plane from the " Karel Doorman "...Hollands old carrier !

    THANX !
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    I hadn't noticed the Dutch plane before. I started building one of the 1/200 scale Wildcats, but have some other projects going on at the moment, so I only work on it when I have a few minutes waiting for glue to dry on another plane.

    I enjoyed your photos. My son (7) built one of those cardstock Brewster Buffalos, and had a lot of fun building it.

    Tilburg? Hebben jullie de lekkerste kaas in Nedlerland? Ik kan oude Goudese kaas nu in Seattle kopen.

    Seattle, WA
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