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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Fishcarver, Sep 25, 2004.

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    at Search on product number 33Y01.01. Maybe if enough of us a) express interest in the product and b) outrage at the price, they'll bring it down. Also: check out the MicroTip scissors (52K02.01) and the MicroBrush applicators (83K09.21 thru .25).
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  3. Fishcarver

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    I should hope so....

    LV's price is crazy. I bet they misplaced a decimal point. Either that, or they do not plan on selling a hell of a lot of punch sets..especially to this little grey rabbit!!!
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    I think the Lee Valley item it's a different sort of punch. If I'm reading the blurb correctly it looks as though you can set the punch up with two cutting tools to punch out washers in one hit. That's going to require a higher level of tool precision compared a single hole punch.


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    The Lee Valley punches are the same as those from Harbor Freight..., prices are a bit high even for Canadian Bucks.

    The edges were sharp till the manufacturer put them in the blueing bath which will take a fine edge off every time. I had to sharpen the lot. The big diameter punches are best used without the screw on handle. Just use a non-marring hammer and pound methodically around the edge.

    Best regards, Gil

    P.S. Harbor Freight has the 6 inch / 15.25 cm didgital caliper for $15.95 U.S. till November 2, 2004.
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    I just got the punch set from They are'nt the sharpest punches in the world but I'm pretty sure that they can be sharpened to work just fine. At $6.95 the price is right at least. Nine punches from 1/8th inch to 1/2 inch.
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    I got the same set, i will be trying to sharpen these, it is a great set, like you, i wish they were sharper

  9. cecil_severs

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    While I have some trepidation about using the dremel tool ceramic bits to sharpen these tools I'm going to try it soon. Let me know what you use and how it turns out.

  10. Fishcarver

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    Sharpening Punches with Dremel Tool


    My part-time schtick is as a factory demo rep for DREMEL. I have also have been known to have had to sharpen the odd knife or chisel in my time...
    I'd suggest using either a cylindrical green stone or (better)one of the pink chainsaw sharpening burrs: they are a little less aggressive than the red stones.
    Also, keep the speed down to around #3 (=/<15K) or thereabouts to avoid burning the steel. Dip the stone in a bit of water or (better) light oil to keep it cool.(Even olive oil will work). USE A LIGHT TOUCH!! and keep the stone lubricated.
    Sharpen the outside taper first, trying to maintain a consistent angle. Then, go in and remove any "wire edge" from the centre bore. keeping the stone flat to the inside wall, and again, USING A VERY LIGHT TOUCH.
    Test on scrap until satisfied.
    After you get these puppies sharpened, you can tune them up very easily with one of the hard felt points and some rubbing compound.

    For more info on sharpening go to .

    Jimmy the Fish

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