VERY excited! Found MY train ;)

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jjjetta, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. hoyle

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    I remember that Tyco SF switcher 4 wheeler and SF plugdoor boxcar and UP gondola with a pipe load and dont forget the caboose.Now in 2004 well over 250 locos and 5000 freight cars.
  2. shaygetz

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    Welcome to The Gauge. Anyone frowns upon you, our Glee Club Chairpersons, Hyram and Odel Ledbetter, will "cheer" them up ;) Give 'em a kiss right smack on the lips they would.

    Gotta love them Tycos. You wanna make a rivet counter cry, show up on run night with one of their 6 axle GG1s. Sputter, stutter and smoke your old "Choo-choo" with pride, I long for my old battery operated HO set from the 60s and would display it right alongside my prize motive power should I ever find it again.
  3. brakie

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    Justin,I been in this hobby for 53 years...I still find good in all brands..The main thing here is to enjoy the hobby with what brands of locomotives and cars you like.I have known modelers over the years that use Tyco,Bachman and Model Power and was just as happy as a two headed woodpecker in a bucket of worms..You see one does not need $150.00 locomotives and $30.00 cars to fully enjoy the hobby. :thumb: :D

    Now to answer your question a good cleaning and light oiling should help your locomotive run better.
  4. NYC-BKO

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    Well put Larry,
    It's all in what you want out the hobby. Look at the guy in NJ, I think it's Trainlandz or something like that, he use Mantua, Tyco, ModelPower etc. and he's a millionaire. They run constantly for what eight hours a day for visitors.
  5. shaygetz

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    Some cheap toy junk in action on my club's layout. A Tyco depressed center flatcar with a highly modified bulldozer that started life as a birthday party favor...

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  6. shaygetz

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    A Cox toy flatcar with its load, again a modified party favor...

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  7. shaygetz

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    A Tyco Army boxcar, weathered and detailed. All cars have had Kadee couplers put on and Kadee, JayBee or PK2 wheelsets added where possible (some older cars like Varney and Mantua just won't take them). Gotta start somewhere, Justin :thumb: :thumb:

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  8. I think the Chattanooga Choo Choo is a great looking locomotive, I turned mine into a dummy loco. I believe IHC make a 2-8-0 that is the made from the old Tyco tooling and therefore is identical.
  9. Lighthorseman

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    Justin, You Lucky Dog!

    I remember that set! I used to drool over it every year in the Sears Christmas Wishbook as a kid.

    I never got one. You got TWO. :thumb: :thumb: Good on ya!
  10. Benny

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    I will someday have a Bachmann Northern in Overland Paint...I Always wanted that set...not the cars, just the engien!

    I will probably be relettering that tender and engine for Southern Pacific overland express! I do have Overland Heavyweights from Athearn lettered for UP though! I have just recently fallen for the Overland paint schemes on Athearn heavyweights, looks much better then the ATSF in Pullman greene!

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