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    done by my son and I. paper is 250g/m2 and printed on a laser printer. I think this was an error as the curves are hard to obtain and the ink is cracking. The result isn't too bad. I do think it is a pity that newobmij included pictures but no text in his instructions. Still nice to have some

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    Nice little model.
    Agree that a little assembling direction will be a great improvement for alredy good models ( the stormraven wings and rotating turret are a little tricky to assemble)

    Newobmij nicely send me a lot of his model and says I can freely distribute them (but I think is better to ask him directly); I think he'll be happy if someone put togheter a step-by-step assembly tutorial.
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    it's very nice,this peeling and cracking issue is common with lasers. :)
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    One thing That I do every now and then, is do a tutorial on some models that do not have adequate or dubious instruction. Case in point, Jan's fantastic Aliens dropship. His instructions are great but there are some fit problems with the short wings. Many of Eli's 40K are good but a build thread helps out tremendously. With PDO's, I always have a problem, because I do not know what is the first step in the build and many times I get involved and find out that I got ahead of myself and have to do a secction over again. Build threads are invaluable in the building of models, and helps out the whole community.

    By the way, it is still a great model build and we need some other stuff besides Imperial or Astartes. I hope that your son gets the bug and surpasses his father in the building of models.
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    I hope he does too.


    Nice, clean, straightforward build (something I don't seem to be able to do). ;)

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