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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by rockislandmike, May 15, 2002.

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    Finally got my scanner working again. So this first image is my grand plans for the basement when my wife and I get our first house (and I get half the basement as per verbal agreement, with some latitude either way of course).

    As per suggestions from the board, significant changes include limiting the main railroads to two - Rock Island of course (blue), and Santa Fe (red). There is also some UP trackage, most of which is hidden under the layout, and visible only in the canyon (pink) sections. They'll have a limited number of industries to switch as well, with an interchange connection with ATSF in one of the canyons.

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  2. rockislandmike

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    NOW , the current 7' x 12' layout I'm working on is below. This is the green highlighted space in the grand plan above. This is predominantly Rock Island territory, with a single ATSF mainline on the left, with access to Doans Yard. UP trackage is visible in the canyon section, bridged by the two Rock Island loops. The UP completes a loop under the layout as well, providing me with three continuous loops, but also providing significant industry operations. Rail-served industries are represented on the plan with green borders. This includes The Gauge, the area newspaper in the upper left corner.

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  3. rockislandmike

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    FYI - the stars indicate "exits". Yellow with green border indicate they will connect to Phase 2004; green with yellow borders indicate they will be totally off layout.

    ICYW, it's a freelance layout in 1980, Pacific Northwest (a region between OR and WA that I'm developing a map for).
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    Hi rockislandmike

    Looks like it's full steam ahead when you get moved to a new house, but I like the other plan also, is this already built, if so, can some of it be re-used.

    When is the expected move to take place, """SOON"""

  5. rockislandmike

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    Hhhmmm..........apparently most of what I should have said remained in my head, and I wasn't very clear.

    The detailed track plan is the 7x12 layout I'm *CURRENTLY* working on in my garage - I've dubbed it the Veiled Peaks layout (i.e., that's the name of the mountain range bordering the area). The benchwork is done, and I just bought half-inch plywood on Monday night to start installing subroadbed.

    When we move to a house (est. summer 2004), this 7x12 Veiled Peaks layout will become part of the grand scheme - it is represented in the large plan by green highlighting (where the rest of the plan is in yellow highlighting). Undoubtedly this trackplan will change once we get the house, as the exact size of the basement is of course unknown at this point.

    This process was recommended by quite a few people on this forum - i.e., start small, but work towards your final dream. When we do move into a house, I will already have a layout to operate and "play with", and I will work on expanding as the mood and $$$ strikes me.
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    I think you are on the right track Mike (pun intended):D . Please keep us posted with pics as work progress's on the current portion!

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