Vehicles 1/10 scale custom. From Granada, Spain

Discussion in 'International Modelers' started by lalo, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. lalo

    lalo Member

    ... :rolleyes: Greetings. I'll edit my drawing website, a page of custom vehicles in scale 1/10.
    Models built myself with different materials or using other toys that you customized.
    ----------------------------------------- Sincerely ... Jorge.:twisted:
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Pretty cool stuff going on there. I would call this "kitbashing" but you have a lot of original stuff melded in, so I'll just call it,EXCELLENT!

  3. lalo

    lalo Member

    ... :twisted: But ... To see the vehicle "Notonecta" in action, must be viewed in dioramas, on a thrilling adventure with dinosaurs. If you wish to see this car in action with his crew and the "Jurassic" ... go ..:
    - Enter my website.
    - Scale 1/10.
    - Site: Ciencia Ficción. / Jurassic Park. / Photovideo.
    ----------------------------------------------- Regards ... Jorge. :twisted:
  4. mbnaoj

    mbnaoj New Member

    Good Works, specially the jeeps

    p.d: Saludos desde Tarragona

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