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    I haven't seen any reference to this site;
    As I recall, they're 1/72 scale and meant to fly...

    The pre-view pics give a clue as to the fact that they don't sport props, but you'll find goodies like a Ford Tri-Motor, a Bonanza, a SPAD-13, 2 versions of the Ju-52, and more.

    I hope these are as cool as they seem to be.

    Peace, not PIECES... :wink:


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    Howdy Mac,

    Cool site, it just so happens that I am building a US 1 seaplane right now (Plastic kit). It seems that I am buying these plastic kits and ppl are mentioning the paper models here just as soon as I start on them.
    Right now, the plastic kits are about all I can build due to my neck, but I shall soon be cutting again I hope.
    If you want to see some of my plastic kits I have finished, you can see them over at Scale modelers at this link: . I have a USCG C 130H, a Boeing B 47, a Bell XV 1 convertiplane, a TBF avenger, Marine one, and two versions of the F 86 Sabre airframe posted there.

    Have a good day,:)

    Greg aka GW
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    Looks cool. Thanks.
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    Pirate Models?

    I've built that Kamikaze plane.....It's from a book of pre-cut planes....sorry....

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