Van Hobbies brass CNR N-5-d 2-8-0 rebuild

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by WReid, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Well I finally have some finished pictures of my N-5-d project. Bear with me if some are a little bit out od focus or a little too dark. I got a new camera for Xmas and I am still trying to learn all the bells & whistles as well as adjust the white blance for my room lighting.

    For the most part the locomotive is finished. I just need two more clear jewels for the front marker lights. I managed to loose two in the carpet will installing them. :curse: I have also yet to add any weathering. I am modeling 1956-57 and CNR steam was on the way out then so they were not too well kept. I need to decide if it will get moderate weathering or heavy weathering. I am also waiting to I have a few more things to weather.

    So without further delay here are some pictures of the shiny new locomotive and tender.

    Wayne Reid





  2. WReid

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    A few more pictures. I ddecided to change my methos of running the wires to the tender. I endd up making a small hole in the front of the tender shell. The new method makes it a lot easier to seperate the tender when needed.





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    The next couple of pictures show the very bright headlight I installed as well as the Soundtraxx tsunami sound decoder setup in the tender. The headlight is a micro golden white LED. It actually fits inside the brass headlight casting. I have added a clear lens over it. The headlight is very bright with the lights out. Bright enough to make you see spots if you stare at it too long. I may add a bigger resistor and dim it down a bit. I did not install a working backup light as the brass casting is way to small and the wires would show.

    The sound turned out real well. The locomotive runs real well on DCC and sounds great.I just need to do some adjustements to some of the sounds and turn down the volume for fireman Fred shoveling coal. :mrgreen: No coal needed on this loco as it is an oil burner. :eek:

    Wayne Reid




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