Valencia buildings

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Dragos, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Dragos

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  2. Fantastic find, can't wait to build them all
  3. edi

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    Thanks Dragos, great find:thumb:
  4. DHL

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    great find dragos:cool:
  5. Many, many thanks my friend,

  6. cdavenport

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    Dragos, you are the cat's pajamas! (American slang for: you are the best!)
  7. And Dutch for...... "He Is The Best".

  8. cdavenport

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    Modelbaubrasser, I see you are from the Netherlands. I was just discussing your area of the world because my students were asking about the meaning of "seawall."
  9. Dragos

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    Thanks guys, but I just was lucky to discover the site :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  10. logicman

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    Dragos: Thank you for that find.:thumb::thumb:

    My paper modelling is on hold for a few days more. I'm still doing woodwork, and I found out the hard way that dropping a lump of wood on a half-finished model rather tends to finish it - quickly! :mrgreen:

    modelbouwbrasser: I thought the Nederlands expression was 'katzenelenbogen' - or is that just about women? :mrgreen:
  11. Seawall


    The meaning of "seawall" in Dutch is Dunes and Dikes along the Northsea. But Logicman have here a very good point. In WWII we have along the coast a lot of concrete bunkers ( i dont know the word in English) built for the germans and they are for defence the coast for any raid from the sea.

    Gr, Arie.
  12. cdavenport

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    I believe concrete emplacements would be the word. However, I understood exactly what you meant with the word bunker. I imagine the guns were removed long ago.

    I have never visited the Netherlands; is the beer good?

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