V9 Engine model with moving parts

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by jlinscheid, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. jlinscheid

    jlinscheid Member

    V8 Engine model with moving parts

    The guy who made this claims it is "THE MOST COMPLEX PAPER MODEL IN THE WORLD"

    It has 5756 parts, so he may be correct.


    Edit - After looking at the date on the web site this may actually be old. It just showed up on a blog I frequent, and assumed (wrongly) that it was new.
  2. Kevin G

    Kevin G Member

    Looks awesome but not too sure it is the most complexe out there since the new GPM USS Missouri kit has over 7000 parts!
  3. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Is there a free version of this model?
  4. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Sorry...No there isn't.
    Yee is the creator and copyright holder.

    For a very impressive free engine and motorcycle, take a look here, if you haven't already...

    This model is being released in sections, about 1 per month.

  5. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Hey thanks alot :D
    You're help is muchly appreciated!

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