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    Rock Island Mike asked this in the Photos Thread.

    Hey Woodie, great pic (just saw it). Is VLine a prototype railroad, or your own creation??? Never heard of it which is why I'm axing.

    V/Line is a prototype railroad. (we don't really use the term "railroad" or "road" here). We'd say something like V/Line "runs the trains". Or I model "V/Line", or the "railways" in Victoria are....... etc....

    As suggested by Triman, each Australian State had their own government run railways. probably up to the early 80's. The State Government was responsible for the tracks, locos, rollingstock, passengers and frieght and suburban systems in each capital.

    In Victoria, (Melbourne is the capital of Victoria) the railways were always know as the "Victorian Railways", and the "blue and gold" did originate from the Erie scheme in the US. Similar to this (from the early 50's and beginning of deisel).

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    Prior to the deisel era, the suburban passenger stock was like this (design originated around 1910 thru 1939) and was still in use in the late 80's. Passenger stock was similar to this: (constructed 1915, still in use 1970's) I have a kit of this exact prototype, nearly complete, (just got windows, decals, and final coat to do)

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    Prior to the revamp of the 50's, country passenger stock was like this. I have completed my T Class loco kit (at the head of this set) and completed 2 of the 5 passenger cars and guards van (caboose) that will match this prototype exactly. The cars were still in use well into the 80's.

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    The Victorian Raliways freight rollingstock up until "containerisation" (mid 80's) was mostly junky stuff like this:

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    ..... and on Garahbara, like this: (All kit built). The colour "Victorian Railways Wagon Red" is unique ni the world. I understand it was made from paint slops during the war, as no paint was available. Floquil, Humbrol, no one, makes and equivalent colour.

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    So that brings us up to the early/mid 80's. As you can see, the Victorian railways was in a state of. let us say, "neglect".

    This era saw many country lines closed, and a cosolidation of rollingstock. Country freight and passenger services were split off from the suburban services, yet still remainded government owned and operated. This saw the introduction of a new livery, and refurbished passenger stock. (the blue and gold loco's and passenger stock) were done out in the "tangerine and grey" livery, and named V/Line. Freight remained the same colour, but with the V/Line logo on the side. Suburban passenger stock was also replaced, and took up the name Metrail. SOme locos and stock are still painted in this livery today. The basic passenger stock, still in use, (after many overhauls) introduced in the mid 50's.

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    Further rationlisation took place in the late 80's early 90, where all the freight stock was mostly ditched in favour of the gondola/container type so familiar to us all world wide now.
    The frieght component of V/Line was split off and partly privatised and became Freight Australia. (green and gold livery) like this:
    Note the original T Class of the 50's(like above) done out in the V/Line Tangerine and Grey livery, and also the B Class (of the 1950's). I took this pic in December last year.

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    The 90's saw the selling off of V/Line freight to Freight Australia (which I think has a major US backer), and the passenger services still (I think) remain in government hands. Their new livery and logo is this:

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    The pic of mine in the comp is one of these, still in use today, and built??? who knows when.

    Well, that sorta covers it very briefly and generally. Not covers everything of course, but V/Line is just an incarnation of the age old Victorian Railways.

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    Very kewl. Thanks for the history lesson, Woodie !!!! :D
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    Very very nice Woodie, I liked the "Junky stuff" photo with the weedy tracks.

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    Interesting stuff Woodie. Got anymore to tell us??
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    Always love a good history lesson!!!:D :D :D Thanks, Woodie

    Just one favor to ask....more pics pleeeease.:)
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    Thanks Woodie for the info and the excellent photos! :cool:
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    Thanks for the fun read Woodie.

  16. Both Interesting and Educational, and great pictures, thanx Woodie ;)
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    Terrific narrative and pix, Woodie.
    It's nice to learn stuff from obvious experts.
    Bill S
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