V.i.n.cent - The Black Hole - Building Thread

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by starbuck, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Not perfect, but OK. As always in the end something goes wrong.

    To sum up:
    Start from the bottom. Create your own parts where necessary - especially the footer. I do not see a way to get parts together whithout changing this part. Mount main parts first and the hands and the back later on. (This was my mistake which made it not fit perfectly.)
    But......not to forget.....many thanks to the person who made the model. :Bravo: It is the most accurate model I found.

    It was a nice building and the first try with photo paper. Made the model looking metallic, but the glue - if used too much - harms the paper and the structure.

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    This looks fantastic! Great job, starbuck! :)
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    looks pretty cool!
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    He was banged up in the movie, and you did a great job on that. Very neat! :)
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    This came out in december of 1979 along with the first Star Trek movie. What a great xmas that was!
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    Excellent job! As I recall, there were some really good injection kits of the robots and one huge one of the ship. MPC did them (they seemed to be the only folks doing sci-fi kits at the time). The thing I like most about paper models is putting in all of the details that plastic kits tend to leave out. This one has really good graphics and if you can build it without instructions and have it look this good; well, that's a plus.

    Nicely done, Starbuck!
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    @Octoman : The mpc Cygnus was too short! They simply omitted one of these rectangular sections. People had to build that one from scratch or cannibalize another kit to correct the mistake. Just as you said, we paper people have some advantages..! ;)
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