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    What do these abreviations stand for?
  2. 60103

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    UTLX is Union Tank Car Co. (UnionTank Lines)
    SHPX is ACF Industries (I think it was Shippers ...)
    GATX is General American Marks Co. (General American Tank)
    The X is private owner.
    (Info from the Trackside Guide.)
    I know SHPX because I switch one on Wednesday nights. ;)
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    One resource that I find very helpfull is a copy of "The Official Railway Equipment Register". You can usually find them at swapmeets. You'll want one that was issued around the time frame that you are modelling. I picked up a January 1982 copy for $3.00 at a local swapmeet. In it you will find a listing of all reporting marks and who they belong to.
    If you know someone who has one, check it out.

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    Thanks guys.
    In my searching on internet I found what I thought is a pretty good informative website for contemporary engines and rolling stock.

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