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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Gary60s, Dec 7, 2009.

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    I made a “line stringing tool”. It is made from a triangular piece of plastic with adjustable tripod type legs (for uneven terrain). The bobbin is also plastic from a sewing store. The legs, eyelets, and bobbin support were bent from #14 house wire. The alligator clip was from Radio Shack and was soldered on the 2nd eyelet leg.

    It can be used for just about any scale, and using the tool for stringing line is very easy. Just thread the line thru the eyelets, move the tool up to a pole, and pull it to the next pole in line. Glue the free end of the line to the 1st pole, place the line on top of the 2nd pole, attach the alligator clip to the line and then move the tool back a touch to get the right amount of tension between the poles (it looks better with a little sag). Glue line to 2nd pole, release alligator clip, and you are ready for the next pole in line. Piece of cake!

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  2. S class

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    Nice looking tool there man I'll remember that if I ever get to that stage on my layout
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    Nice idea Gary60s. You might want to post this over on the Tips,Techniques & Tutorials in the Tips section so a lot of others can enjoy this great idea. Thanks. What are some of your favorite materials to use for power lines. I have used ship makers thread, it isn't so fuzzy up close.
  4. Gary60s

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    Hi Jim. I tried them all, from thread, to nylon thread, to fishing line. None of them compare to EZline from berkshirejunction.com. It is elastic so that if you bump it you wont uproot your poles. It also hangs right with no kinks like nylon or fishing line. Ship makers thread is close if you get it in the right size (.003 EZline is recommended for N gage).

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