USS Voyager

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    How to's...

    I use Blender to model it in 3D, and the Blender unfold plugin to create templates. Inkscape to separate and name pieces, and reducing them to any scale I need. What can I do? I love free software! :thumb: :cool:
    The thing is: test the softwares, and see which one you'll work best with. After all, YOU're the one who'll be doing all the work...:cry:
    About the specs, you can find them in the net. You'll find a lot of pics and movies of almost everything you want. Besides, if you post a comment in a thread saying something like "I'd like to build XXXXXXXXX... Does anybody have any refference materials?", you'll see how many answers you'll get.
    Anyway, I suggest you make a search yourself at first, chances are you'll be the one who knows best what you want... :p
    I hope this helps!

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    This is coming out really good! :)
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    sign1Okay, sorry for the time lapse...

    But, I have built the lower hull and pylons and attatched the nacelles. I have put the hull on to the saucer section as well. The last steps should be the bridge.

    The parts came together, but some (a lot) of them were slightly warped, off kilter, or lopsided. So It came together roughly. Where the back of the saucer joins the lower hull section, It didn't really work out.wall1 hamr

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  4. ishumshark

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    Also, I looked up blender and some other programs. They look extremely complicated, but very accurate. I think I'll stick to making my own models for now. :mrgreen:
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    or you download my version or the version of Christine_U of the Voyager!?
    it is easy to create a 3d-model, but it is not so easy to create a 3d-model for a papermodel!
    some people using a 3d-model from a game and try it to convert into a papermodel, and believe me, the most failed!
    before you want to make an own papermodel, you must learn basics how would parts fit together! and that can you only, if you build many models from good designers!
    but there is alot more before you can start making your own models!

    just my 2 cents for it
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    This model requires extensive dry fitting to get it to shape. On models that are hand drawn, sometimes I hold the edges, trying to to form a crease, use some lightly holding tape, then cut the opposite sides at the same time to gain symmetry. There are other methods, but it all comes to dry fitting first. :)

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