USS Tennesse BB43

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  1. jrts

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    Hi all you guru's out there

    I have a little information request.

    A while a go I bought the scale drawings for this ship from Floating Dry Dock. With the full intension of turning it in to a big radio controlled model (before I got hooked on this card lark). Well as doing this would be a big step backwards, I have come to the conclusion it must be done out of card :lol:

    I have all the drawings I need to do this guns, bridge even the aircraft she had. What I don't have is any photos of her. The drawings I have are in both 1/96 and 1/192 scale. These photos would have to be after her rebuild in 1943.

    Any help would be most greatful pleeeeese.



    PS this is going to be a long term projet
  2. barry

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  3. jrts

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    Cheers Barry

  4. barry

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    why not build wooden ? hull and cardboard upperworks.

    First in line for Tennesse kit !!

  5. Atomsk

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    Nice archive at

    ...and a few more at

    this one's fairly blurry, but a good action shot, with an Amtrac in the foreground

    Here's a "quarter shot" showing the port twin-5" mounts well

    I know there were major differences, after their post Pearl Harbor rebuilds, but I'd like to take a shot at modifying Tennessee to resembel her sister California, after you've completed your kit.

    edit:you may also want to pick up a copy of this book which contains a photographic history of "Big T".
  6. jrts

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    :D :D



    Thanks for the info, very good stuff. Will be going over this stuff for hours.


    It's got to be card, good idea though


  7. jrts

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    Hi all

    Thanks for the info, great stuff.

    Atomsk the web sits are great only got through it all tonight, cheers

    Started to lay of the hull and keel frames tonight (all on paper yet).
    Should be ready to show some results by the middle of next week as I will have a bit of time spare (if the wife does not find out that is :lol: ).

    Atomsk when it is done the file will not be locked so you can play around with it as much as you want. Ron and Rick will have the say in how it is put out for download not me.

    Thanks for the help so far, any more photos would be great.


  8. j77ason

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    I build ALL of my warship models out of card, with working (revolving turrets) and I build them strong but lite, like wood - oh and all of my warship models are designed by me, to my own building technique for radio control, working, on the water.
    Electric power via motor cycle battery to electric motor(s) and so on through prop shafts.
    The average model in material costs (not counting plans and card kits) - is no more than $20....... I've been building for over 20 years so I know my subject.
    Should have some pix of my models on this site sooner or later.

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