USS Sulaco / Aliens

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Alien99, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    Why christmas eve? - because the u.s.s.Sulaco is like the christmas gift :mrgreen:

    10 DAYS LEFT....GUYS :p

    translation is allmost done ...building few first pdf files.announce1
    Graphics is functional.....everything is going fine for now....:rolleyes:
  2. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your time and effort in the making of this model. I would love to build it, but It will have to wait a while before I get to it. And thanks again for the Dropship, APC, and landing platform.
  3. Early morning?

    any chance you could release it early in the morning so i have time to hit the copy shop to print it up so i can build it with my dad on christmas?:twisted:
  4. marciu11

    marciu11 Member

  5. PaperGear

    PaperGear New Member

    I've stocked up on new ink cartridges for this bad boy!
  6. I`ll print it on the laserprinter in my office, but the backside is that this means I can print it not earöier than next year after my holidays... wall1

    Any idea how many pages it will have approximately?
  7. Sneer

    Sneer New Member

    As Jan, mentioned approx 200. But I think it may vary.
    9 days and we will know :)

  8. gremlin19573

    gremlin19573 Member

    i am looking foward to this
  9. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    I must prevent some misunderstandings. The uss Sulaco will be released partially whole next year. Threre is no such 150pages of sulaco papermodel yet. I dont know if it will be at 150pages. Next two months I´m working on functional website so the sulaco itself was holded for this sort of more time..Sulaco is NOT finished yet.announce1

    At the start there will be few parts available, which represent about 7% of the whole model...I will try to update the website with new parts every 14 days regularly.:cool:
    ..must finish u.s.s.Sulaco for myself first :mrgreen:
    and this option gives me some time for finishing the whole thing and you can start to build your own ship.:eek:
  10. ahhhh, now I got it!

    That`s great - a sort of "full 2011 christmas calendar" with something new to build every 2 weeks. I`ll try to keep pace with you, so that I really will build the new parts when they are released. That should prevent me from an often faced problem: I start a model, but stop somewhere in the middle, not touching it for months... :oops:

    Will you release the bluish or the grey version?
  11. marciu11

    marciu11 Member

    Super, super, super! I can not wait:)
    I have one question. Will there be a version without the texture, the same contours? I wanted a model made from plastic plates. Damage to print color component to redraw only a part.
  12. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    OK :mrgreen: so...there will be the NAVY BLUE VERSION :wave:

    If somebody want a grey one, then print it out Black&White.:twisted:
    ...more soon.... 9 days and counting....
  13. Great, as this one I like more than the grey one. :cool:
  14. Wlad

    Wlad New Member

    Oh boy... 1 day, 8 hours left... Almost there !
  15. Noddy4000

    Noddy4000 New Member

    I'm so looking forward to seeing this. A 2 week interval in which to construct the latest section before getting the next is going to keep people on their toes for sure.

    Thanks to Jan for this amazing project and all the time and devotion it so clearly requires.
  16. Just_because

    Just_because Member

    Gentlemen, start your printers!!!!:thumb:
  17. Bigtiime

    Bigtiime Member

    lol . .
  18. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    That server is not gonna know what hit it!
  19. LOL! sign1
  20. gremlin19573

    gremlin19573 Member

    it got to be Christmas Eve somewhere in the world now :mrgreen:

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