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  1. I believe #2 and #3 are Ok with me.

    It will probably be easier and faster for you to use #2. And since most people here already know the basics of paper modeling, the Google-translated text may become understandable even if the translation is not 100% accurate. I've experienced that in other places, and one can get used to.

    Another great plus with #2, as you already noted, is that the project could be viewed in several languages. This is good if we consider that not all the people speaks English. Some people in non-English speaking countries may have trouble with it, and they will remain in the same obscurity as if you publish the text only in Czech.

    Have a nice day.
  2. gremlin19573

    gremlin19573 Member

    #3 is ok with me too
  3. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    No.3 can look like this...... little bit odd :oops:


    what you think..?....

    (this is a test only):cool:
  4. Nowhere

    Nowhere New Member

    It's o.k.
    no prob
  5. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Looks good to me. Although I would change the colour of the English letters, the colour at the moment is a bit close to the background colour. The dark blue stands out better.
  6. KGC

    KGC Member

  7. MurdocMurloc

    MurdocMurloc New Member

    You know, maybe you could ask one of the native english speakers on this forum to proofread your site. I don't doubt that there are many who would be glad to help. You obviously understand English, even if your writing isn't 100%, you would know if someone was trying to screw you over (e.g. by posting a gross mistranslation:eek:). Just a suggestion though.

    P.S. I vote for option 3
  8. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    OK then :twisted: ...who want to be a corrector for that english text?
    ....We can talk trough skype or icq in specified hour allmost every day...:thumb:
    any volunteer?:mrgreen: ....write into PM.
  9. I like the look, too.

    Did I mentioned in the last time that I can`t wait for that papermodel-gem to become available? In the last years there was nothing I looked more forward too. Not only modeling-related, really nothing! :wave:
  10. Bigtiime

    Bigtiime Member

    agreed. . . I'm confident that many here would assist you with the conversion to English. Anything to move the project along and make it that much better. :thumb:
  11. Jim Lionmane

    Jim Lionmane Member

    I think it's fine.

    I see that you have made bullet points in your last post, perhaps if you could make them into the corresponding flag button, it would help the readers.

    Kind regards

    Jim Lionmane
  12. Space Jockey

    Space Jockey New Member

    Hi Jan,
    I love your Sulaco, very much looking forward to building it. Well done. :mrgreen:
    I wanted to give you a heads-up on one image that got me thinking, and that is one of the headshields / engine plates, and maybe you've seen it already, if so, great.
    I was looking at some of the Sulaco shots, and noticed that one of the engine plates on the original model may have been broken off after being restored after it's use on Alien 3, and instead of being glued back in it's original position, it looks like someone (maybe Bob Burns) sat it on top of the model instead maybe so it wouldn't get lost.
    Anyway the black and white photo below shows it in its glued position; on the colour photos it doesn't appear to be fixed of glued and is just sitting there. It looks like the same shape as the other engine plates.
    So, I wanted to let you know before you release the model, as I noticed it was in the other place on your 3d Autocad model.
    Attached are a couple of images showing you what I'm talking about, I'm sure you've already seen them.
    Good luck on the models completion. :cool:
    Best wishes,
    Graham / SJ

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  13. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    I know exactly what you talking about. I chose Bob Burns "after shooting" movie prop. In the light of rebuilding the railguns during the making of the sulaco I thought that Bob´s sulaco is defacto final movie prop. So thats why I´ve used this as main reference for the model.And you re right the engine shield is probably broken and the part is lying behind the cooling tower. One more time Ive watched the movie and you re right again...the side shielding is there.:oops:


    so the dark area where you can´t recognize if there is some shielding behind the cooling tower...:wave:



    My cad model has alternative part for the engine and this part (shield for side engine consoles) will be as optional part in the papermodel..don´t worry :thumb:.. The shielding behing the cooling tower i like so much so there will be in the model too :twisted:
  14. Space Jockey

    Space Jockey New Member

    Yes, there you go, you've got it.
    I like the idea of the heatshield near the cooling tower too, to protect it from heat, space debris, whatever.
    I thought I read somewhere that you were thinking about doing a Nostromo and / or Narcissus papercraft project. I did some blueprints for Nostromo; if you do start creating these, shoot me a pm, I have some stuff (research items, photos etc) that may help you out. :cool:
    Best wishes,
  15. PaperGear

    PaperGear New Member

    Superb Effort

    Just a quick shout to say I cant wait for this monster to be ready! Im pretty new to this paper modelling lark, but not new to being a massive fan(boy) of the Alien/Aliens franchise. I simply cannot wait to get started on this massive project!

    Keep up the great work. PG
  16. thestoat

    thestoat New Member


    I know it has already been said many times but it is all I can think to say about it.:goldcup:
    I am so the newby and I have just follow this tread from when you started designing it. When I was reading that part for some reason I thought that was the impressive part. Watching the model take shape as I read the post was truely surreal.
    I was also impress at your great photos of the work in progress, thank you for creating the model and for creating this thread that is also beautifully put together.
  17. wolflone

    wolflone New Member

    Thanks a lot Jan, you're the man!. This model will be a milestone in the papercraft comunity, no doubt about that. By hte way, if I'm not annoying you, it will be nice if you can conclude the dropship as you were doing until several months ago. It will be a nice complement to the Sulaco. And I can't wait until Christmas to download and start waisting paper as a madman with this model.
  18. Sneer

    Sneer New Member



    Jan, great work! Both, cad modelling and paper model. It will be pure pleasure to build it. Thank You !

    But I have one question :) why christmas eve as the day of launching ? :)
    Shall we treat it as christmas gift ?

    Jan, regards
    I'm looking forward for start of working (paper and ink are waiting)

  19. Good question. It will be difficult to explain to my family why I simply HAVE TO sit in front of my PC at christmas eve instead of having dinner with them... :mrgreen:
  20. gremlin19573

    gremlin19573 Member

    well the way i see it... at my house we do our family christmas on christmas eve and the grandmom on the day so its a Christmas preasant for us :mrgreen: :thumb:

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