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  1. i just got my copy of GPM's release of the USS SARATOGA , after putting it off for some time :D they really out did them selves on this baby :wink: just one thing, why didnt they include the old F-4F wildcats,TBD devastators, and dauntless dive bombers, with the F-6F hell cats and avengers :?: :?: if they did i didnt notice im still in aw by the detail they put into the model
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    I have a copy of this as well and do a lot of drooling :lol:

    Has anyone got round to building it yet??

    If so does it all fit as well as it looks and it does look good :D
    It would be intresting to know, looks might not be everything!!!!

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    The kit repersents a late-war configuration of the ship. Note the twin five inch L38 gun turets. The air group is likely appropriate for that timeframe.
  4. you are correct, it looks like she is wearing the camo they gave her after her refit at Puget Sound Washington in sept 7 1944

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