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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by davitch, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. davitch

    davitch Member

    Having a bit of a problem with the Reliant build from here:

    Printed out the model as it is and was putting together the saucer section of it and low and behold the sections did not match. The top section is bigger then the lower section. They who have built this model can you tell me if I need to print this out differently?

  2. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    You're right but that's on purpose as the saucer tapers inward a bit from top to botom.

  3. davitch

    davitch Member

    Ok, that is understandable. But the Top half is about half an inch to big around. Tapering aside I can not get it to fit correctly.
  4. cmags

    cmags Guest

    Did the pages print out at the same scale? Since they're separate pages, you could have printed them differently. Mine print out at 92% to fit to a Letter page.

    But yes, a 1/2" sounds about right, if you mean that stacked on top of each other there's a 1/4" overhang all the way around. Maybe you can snap some pics to let us know what you mean?
  5. cdwheatley

    cdwheatley Member

    I've just measured the primary hull (saucer section) of my USS Enterprise model that I downloaded from the same site as the Reliant. Presuming that they're roughly equal in size/scale then 1/2 inch difference between the top and bottom halves does indeed seem much too big, as the overhang on my Enterprise is much less than 1/4 inch, in fact it's not even 1/8 inch! The only thing I can think of therefore is what cmags suggested - that you may possibly have printed the two halves at slightly different scales.
  6. davitch

    davitch Member

    The printing problem is the problem. I did not realize it at the time but some of the "tabs" for the seperate saucer sections were cut off. When I reprinted using a different setting, all the tabs seemed to be there. Now all I have to do is cut out the main section and see if it is too big or small...
  7. cdwheatley

    cdwheatley Member

    Hope you've got it sorted now. Looking forward to seeing the finished model :).
  8. davitch

    davitch Member

    The saucer sectio warped on me...sigh..will have to try again soon.

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