USS Passaic 1862, 1890 and Uragan monitors

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    Hello all!
    First, let me introduce myself. My name is Avery and I am a designer who has been seriously designing since October or thereabouts. My first model was the Ares I rocket which is available free. My newest model is the USS Monitor in 1:250 scale. My current project is the USS Passaic, Monitor's successor. Like the Monitor, scale will be 1/250 and the hull will be waterline. I will release four versions of this model. The first will represent the original fit of Passaic, as built during the civil war. The second version will represent this class of monitor as refitted for service during the Spanish-American war. The third and fourth versions will be two different fits of the Imperial Russian monitor Uragan, which was essentially a copy of the Passaic with some slight differences, notably the armament which was changed to two 9" and four 3 pounders from the original one 15" and one 11" battery. Passaic is almost finished and is being beta-built right now, the other versions are so close to the original that they should be less than a few weeks behind. I'll put up some photos of my progress thus far tomorrow. :wave: :cool:
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    love to see the pics
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    Me, too!! I love CW models. Do you have a website where we can watch what you are doing?
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    Hello all, thanks for the welcome and sorry for the lack of photos, hit a snag and had to do some quick mods. I'll try to get some pics up tonight, sorry 'bout that...

    I do not at this point have my own site and I am really bad about posting my progress to these forums, partially because I am the worlds slowest designer. Took me three months to do Passaic and she's just a simple little thing! Imagine how long it takes me design a bomber...I'm doing a B-50D that is 8 months and counting and haven't even begun unfolding yet. :eek:
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    What scale is the B-50D? Simple or detailed model?
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    B-50D will be 1/33 and as detailed as I can make it!

    Passaic has been released now, check it out. :thumb:
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    Took the liberty of moving your thread here since it is an introduction. I'd like to join the others in welcoming you. Our forum is always happy to gain designers who give to the hobby community without charging fees. You know we don't sell any of the models downloadable here or try to make money off of our members (unlike some unscrupulous websites who pretend to be free) You will feel right at home here.
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    What ever happened to the Passaic? I have a large infestation of CSS ironclads that need to be kept in check. I would love to get some monitors to keep them in their place.

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