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    Hello to all, I am here again.
    The model that I present/display today is an American nuclear submarine. According to my opinion it is an aberration constructed by the humans to destroy the world.
    This model also is used me for practices it in construction of ship's hulls, of I am learning much since I have committed enough errors.

    Good I do not write but that that it is not understood well what I say. Now the photos.

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    A greeting.
  2. chapuzas100

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  3. yaniv

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    nice work my frind
  4. chapuzas100

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  5. Fishcarver

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    Es muy buena su construcion. Perdoneme por mi espanol terrible...hace muchos anos..

    I have this kit, and wish to build it. I find the "foam filling" technique very interesting.

    I will watch your construction closely!

    Su amigo canadense

  6. rmks2000

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    Wow! I surprised at how many rings there are to shape the hull.

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