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  1. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    With this now it should be a straight build job now :roll:

    As space is short here what I will do is just post the odd update photo untill she is finished.
    So it will be a while before the next as HMS Victory comes first on the list of builds.
    If anyone has any questions just just ask and I will do my best to answer them.

    This next photo, although not very good is of the four radar directors for the guns. It shows all four sides of the directors, you can fit all of them in the palm of your had with room to spare.

    More when I have the main island and main guns fitted

    Have fun

  2. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi all

    Just thought I would share a little tip for those of use who are computor thick heads (I put myself at the top of that list) :lol:

    While doing this build I noticed that the decks on the ship kit are the same colour as the hull plates battleship grey!!

    If you look at any photo's of Missouri the decks are a washed out teak.
    As I had to redesign a lot of stuff to make it all fit, why not do the decks :idea:

    I have not got a clue when it comes to using all the design programs out there. So this is how I did it, all I have used is MS Paint and MS Photo Shop

    First get a real photo or screen capture of the deck of any ship that has the right style of decks.
    Photo one is the original, run it through any photo program to lighten it to the right tone.
    Save it in any file on your computor and open it with MS Paint.

    Then draw in the plank lines and joints at the large scale, when you reduce it the lines will look the right size, photo two

    Check the size the planks need to be on the model (in Misouri's case 1.75mm for each plank).

    If you view the image at 100% on screen you will be looking at the image in it's real size and can use a rule on the screen as a guide.

    Use the Stretch/Skew drop down in the edit menu, use the horizontal control to reduce the image to the correct plank width.
    Print a test page to make shure you have it right!!

    When you do this you will have a narrow strip of planking at the right width to fit the model. To reduce the photo effect on the image use the vertical setting in the same drop down menu, enlarge it to about 200% or more. A bit of trial and error works well on this :roll: Photo three

    Once all this has been done you just need to cut and paste to get the required width of deck

  3. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    This is how it looks on the model.

    The island section shown is the original build used as a test bed

    The first photo show the old against the new
    Second the new on the test bed model
    Third the end result

    I think it worked and if I can do it anyone can.
    The only programs used are MS Paint and any photo program to edit the dark and light side of things

    Thanks to Jim K I even got the plank spacing right :roll:

    Have fun

  4. barry

    barry Active Member

    Looks realistic nice job

  5. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Wow Rob, thats what I call teak. Some people call this a hobby, which it is and the end product is a model, which of course it is, but just sitting back and browsing this site and some of the sister sites and watching all this work, yours Rob, Barrys', Swingers', Scorpios', Leifs', Darwins' and all the other guys out here, this is Art, and all the people here are artists in thier own rights, you guys may blush but the work you do , in my opinion is as great as Da Vincis, Michaelangelo, and the others. I enjoy watching your work and am humbled to be allowed to participate, Hats off to you guys, keep building! I'll get back to the game soon. T
  6. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, Rob! :D

    Wow, that planking did come out very well! Great color, super realistic appearance and excellent job putting it all together.

    Well done, mate!


  7. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi all

    Thanks boy's for the comments they are appreciated very much :D

    Three photo's to show how this is going.

    Nothing is glued to the decks yet, all the decks are just dry fitted one on top of the other.
    She still needs a lot of paint work doing yet, what you see now is only the start of the undercoat.
    Also the main gun in A position is not the right one, A gun is still wet with paint and I did not want to put it near the decks until its dry.
    Still a long way to go but its starting to look like a ship at last, well I think it does :lol:

    More soon

  8. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Truly amazing effect that the deck has on the "look"...,

  9. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member


    Agree! What a lovely technique, very helpful also for other applications. Thanks Rob! - Leif
  10. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Now, THAT's what I'M talking about, mate! :D

    That wooden/teak deck has come out superbly, it really adds, I think, to the overall look of the hull. Very nicely done! A world of thanks for showing us computer challenged modelers how to add some outstanding detail without too much of a fuss.

    Mo' is looking better and better with each update...hopefully she's not giving you many more "fits" along the way <G>. Sorry, just had to say that. :wink:

    Keep at it mate...and more when you can. :wink:


  11. barry

    barry Active Member

    That really makes her look right Rob

  12. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi all

    Just a little up date on how Big Mo is going.

    All three main guns have now been fitted in the right place. I have started to fit the AA gun tubs and boy she does have a lot of them.

    A tip if you plan to build this from the kit without any redesign, you won't do it and what you do get done won't be right either :lol:
    The two gun tub mounts forward of A gun don't have the side walls in the kit (missing). Also all the tub side walls are shown with the wrong layout in the diagrams, I will show this when I have fitted them all.

    This is a very good kit to use as a starting point for a build of Missouri.

    Its been great for me as it has made me learn more of the design work needed to fiinish it. If you learn something thats got to be a good thing :D

    Just for intrest I have built two cranes, one as it comes in the kit and the other my way, I will show the results of this over the weekend. It will be a good example of why you won't build this straight from the kit!!

    More then I hope

  13. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Truly amazing work. I'm keeping notes, as this is a dream "to do" kit. Great work, I still admire the teak look to her decks, just truly amazing :!: good luck with the AAA guns, I remember the old Revell kits with there hundreds of 40mms and was greatful for all the 20mms that were molded into the decks and didn't have to be glued in place. Good show so far, thanks for the update.
  14. barry

    barry Active Member

    Looks fantastic old mate a real labour of love unlike Ted this kit would give me nightmares.

    Great stuff more, more...............

  15. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, Rob! :D

    Boy oh boy, Mo's looking great!

    I do believe the extra work is paying off in large dividends, mate. I'm glad you're continuing to push on despite all the problems...this awesome build deserves your skills and fortitude to complete, and it will all be well worth each and every drop of sweat in the end...she's showing that already, mate. Keep at it!

    And when you can, (foregive me, Billy Idol) more Mo', Mo', Mo'. :wink:


  16. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, Rob! :D

    Not sure if you've got an update on this beautiful build, but I thought you would be interested to know (if you already didn't know) that GPM has posted on their webpage a news item...brief as it is...that seems to suggest their revised Missouri is going to be issued in least that's what I gather from their notice.
    Not much else revealed, I'm afraid, except for this wee little picture of what seems to be two hulls, which I have tried to enhance and enlarge, but not very well...maybe you can make heads or tails out of it, Rob. :?

    Anyway, hope your build is coming along well...she looked great in the last update, superb planking!


  17. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Jim

    Thanks for that, I had seen it but its to early to tell what has been done as nither has been finished :roll:

    I just might get a hold of a copy if they do put a new version out, just to see what has been done to the new one.
    Thats if they don't ask daft money for it :?: :?:

    I have done a lot to Big MO just not had the time to post it and other builds ect.
    Hope to get round to doing it at the weekend :roll:

    Till then I hope to finish off one or two other things I have on the go right now

    Take care

  18. jcrespo

    jcrespo Member

    Looks like a ship to me. Beautiful craftsmanship! Clean and neat ... and the deck is really impressive. Looking forward to seeing the finished model.

  19. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Joe

    Most of the credit for the decks goes to Jim K, he was the one who let me bounce the ideas off him and put me right on a few errors I made.

    Thats whats great about the card model world, we all help each other and want nothing in return.

    Its the tips, tricks and help from all that makes a bad kit turn out good NOT JUST THE BUILDER

    More big MO soon if you can all stand it :lol:


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