USS Iowa Saved!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by Padre, May 31, 2012.

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    That is excellent news! The idea that this ship, and so many others, would be scrapped, is so ridiculous. These ships could serve as schools. They have machine shops and electronics labs on board that boggle the mind. This is great news!! Thanks Padre.
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    Not that I'd ever have a chance to go see her, but that is excellent news. A magnificent ship like that should be kept, it's a vital piece of America's history. I envy future generations who will be able to look over such a proud vessel.

    Shame the Brit government doesn't feel the same over it's naval landmarks and scraps things without shame.

    Ah well, here's hoping they'll create a virtual museum for her as well, so that people like me can visit. :)
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    I think I actually shed a tear when they busted up the Shackletons, the Horror! I was also surprised to read your news aircraft carriers weren't nuclear. I guess the MOD has it's reasons. I spent 2.5 months in England in 1973, one of the best Summers I ever had! :)
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    Wow, thank god she's gonna be preserved. Scrapping a gem such as the Iowa would be such a waste, in my mind. If I ever travel across the country and find myself in the LA area, she'd definitely be one of the first places I'd visit.
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    If one must scrap a historic ship, the next best thing is the artificial reef thing. Anyone see the documentary about sinking the USS Oriskany? Pretty neat.
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    So Zathros, what ship was this? Sounds vaguely familar, but Google didn't provide any useful data.
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    and ya can't forget the "Mighty Mo" in Pearl Harbour
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    Shackleton............. almost as big as a ship

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    Avro Shackleton =-"10,000 Rivets flying in close formation"..

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