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    Hi There,

    I want to design USS Honolulu (same class with USS Los Angeles) but lack of information on her. Anybody have some detail like panelline or paint scheme or marking for me to finish her?

    Your help is my pleasure.


  2. zot

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    This may not be much help but I found a 10 minute slide show on youtube of photos taken on one of her cruises. There are some decent shots taken on her forward hull that might help give some direction on markings. A Wikipedia article that I found mentioned that the crew signed surfboards to commemorate her patrols. That might make a cool base or nameplate for the model.
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    My brother served on the jacksonville...all kinds of stories! One thing that you may want to consider designing these is the newer version that doesnt have the planes on the sail any more but on the forward hull. Matter of fact there are no more in service with the planes on the sail if the info i recieved is correct? has up to date info on all americas weapon systems.
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    Try the Combat Index


    Have a look at the Combat Index entry for this sub. There's quite a few pages of pictures. You may be able to find some that are useful, and you can even purchase 3D models of several members of the Los Angeles class at the site.



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