USS Hermes

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Jackrum, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    Hi all, I'm throwing my hat into the ring and trying to design my own model. To be honest I've had a couple of abortive attempts before but RL had a horrible habit of kicking me in the n*ts. Since I moved to Turkey I've had a little more free time so here we go again :)

    I been wanting to have a go at a star trek ship ever since I saw John Eave's beautiful Sovereign class waaaaaaaay back in '96. She's easily the best thing about 'Next gen' trek. I decided I wanted Sovereign era styling on a tri nacelled fast cruiser, basically a 2370 - 80 update of the venerable Niagara class. I'm also a fan of Mr Eaves's conceptual 'Donut' ships and it shows i think ;)

    So here are the pics of what I've assembled so far, The texture on the saucer is taken from the refit E and is there as a place holder to help me when I get the damn thing unfolded and into Coreldraw for detailing.

    I'm trying to keep the model relatively easy to build and I plan to have the vast majority of the detail in the textures. Any tips, criticisms etc would be welcomed!



  2. cmags

    cmags Guest

    Wow, that has the potential to be one gorgeous ship. Keep up the good work! :thumb: Don't let this become another "failed attempt" - I certainly hear you about RL kicking you in the n**s. sign1
  3. Jones Brandon

    Jones Brandon Member

    Hi man looks good. are you using sketchup. because if you are you can make the texture in sketchup go look for tips and tricks for sketchup. and you will see. i'm design uss griffin .
  4. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    Thanks Cmags, I intend to finish this one so I had better buy a n*t guard :) Joe I'm still playing around with the textures... Some will be photoshopped and then stuck on in Sketchup while others (Smaller details mostly: insignia, phasors and the captains fluffy dice) will be applied after unfolding in Pep in CorelDraw. Thats the plan anyhow!

    I had a good long look at the saucer and thought it could look much better and yet be simpler if I reworked it. Pics soon!
  5. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    This is the new upper primary hull, I'm much happier with this one. Now to take a break and figure out what to do with the secondary hull!

  6. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    Its definitely interesting so far, but I think the bottom of the saucer looks a little too flat. I also think that, while the donut shape is interesting, pasting what you have so far onto the top of a solid saucer would look a little better.
  7. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    The bottoms flat because I have not done anything with it yet, working on that now. :) I kept it clear because I have not worked out the style of the secondary hull. Either a long Sovie style or a short Akira 'bump'. Anyone have anymore ideas?
  8. widget

    widget Member

    Personally,I like the first version better.
  9. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Me too, but it's your ship. :thumb:

    I like the donut shape a lot, but I think it needs a couple more connecting struts on the front. It would make more sense engineering-wise (as if placing the engines on spindly pylons makes sense).

    What about a catamaran-style secondary hull with double deflectors? Like this ship:

    But with the catamaran slung underneath.
  10. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    That's a nice looking ship... Not sure about the double deflectors but I like the double hull look.
  11. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler New Member

    Looks great! long time no post, how is the work going on?

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