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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Prowler901, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Prowler901

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    Hey gang,

    Does anyone have an english translation of Martin Saenger's USS Grissom instructions? I'm muddling my way through the model, and it is going ok. But, it would be nice to know if I'm following things correctly. I've been using the Google translation tool. But, that thing is open to interpretation of certain words, and it is sometimes not clear what is meant.

  2. rickstef

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    PM Martin, he is a member here, he might be able to help out

  3. sneaker

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    I muddled my way through that build, and the results were excellent. I just followed the photos, and had no problems. There were times when I felt it was not going correctly, but as it turned out..all worked out. Don't second guess yourself it comes together fine. I even used that kit to replace some pieces on a....ahem plastic version of the Grissom.:oops: If you do not get a translation, just take your time, go slowly and it will work out great. It really is a fine model.

  4. Prowler901

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    Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement :)


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