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  1. Jones Brandon

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    Hey Paragon i have some ideas man i sent these images. ssign1 i want the hull markings to be the one i mark in the image. i want lot of windows. if you can try to give that galaxy class look from enterprise D, but future look at the same time. the hull marking i mark in the image change the color to blue. idon't want the name to be to big on the saucer part. i want color of uss griffin name to be light blue. give that future fedration look. i hope you understand what i trying to say. if you don't let me know try best to give a pic of what i have in mind. once agine thank you!sign1sign1:thumb::thumb:

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  2. THE DC

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    You mentioned that this design was from the that why you chose Romulan design nacelles? Is this ship inferred to be a cooperative effort, or a reflection of some alliance?

    Just curious regarding your thought process on the back story of the craft!

    The DC
  3. Jones Brandon

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    HI THE DC. I redesign the USS GRIFFIN two days ago so nacells are not the same. and I learing how to do texture in sketchup. so everthing you see in this thread has change!:thumb::thumb:
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    This makes me want to design that USS TIBERIUS, or maybe the USS MELVIN, kind of an homage to a WWII Destroyer.

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