USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by cdwheatley, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. cdwheatley

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    I built this some time ago but never posted any photos of it here, so thought I would do so now. Better late then never I suppose! Apologies if this is out of place or only current builds are allowed to be shown. Here is Ron Caudillo's excellent TOS USS Enterprise NCC-1701, it's a superb model and I can highly recommend it:-









    It didn't come with a stand so I designed one myself:-


    You can see more photos on my website.
  2. spaceagent-9

    spaceagent-9 Right Hand Man and Confidant

    you did a great job on Ron's excellent model!
  3. mcusanelli

    mcusanelli Member

    That looks absolutely beautiful, fantastic , clean build!
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  4. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    This is a FANTASTIC BUILD!!!
    All of the lines and seams are clean and crisp.
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  5. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Great work!

    What did you make the stand from?
  6. bgt01

    bgt01 Exemplary Confidant

    She's a real beauty!
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  7. cdwheatley

    cdwheatley Member

    Thank you all very much :).

    Kjev, the base of the stand is the board from an old box file with an image I downloaded and printed stuck on top, and the supports are three clear biro cases.

    It really is an excellent model. I had about three attempts to make one of the bussard collectors, but apart from that everything went together beautifully.
  8. THE DC

    THE DC Member

    Nice build!

    Good job on the bustards.
  9. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    You can post any model you ever made, it's never to late. I just want pictures in the Gallery to have build thread, though, I'd make an exception for this beauty!! We'll say it's post "Ex post Facto", or grandfathered in. :)
  10. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator


    Thank you for sharing your excellent build of this model! I am INSANELY jealous of your modelling skill with it! I apologize for the bussard collectors, at the time I designed this, it was all I knew to do. Maybe I will revisit this in the future (I have a better idea). I trust that the assembly instructions were clear and helped you.

    Thanks all for the nice remarks, but the real appreciation goes to the builder!

    I regret never designing a stand for this model; you have certainly built a stunning way to display the model.

    Best Regards,
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  11. cdwheatley

    cdwheatley Member

    Ron, I'm thrilled that you like my build of your superbly designed model :). Yes, I suppose it does take a certain amount of skill to build well, but it wouldn't be possible at all without the skill of the person who designed the model in the first place. I tip my hat to you sir!

    There's no need to apologise about the design of the bussard collectors. I made the first one without any problems, and it was only my own mistakes that forced me to need more than one attempt at the second. Making petalled parts was never my favourite thing to do though, so if you have a better idea for the bussards that would be great! Your instructions were spot on, and were a tremendous help :).

    I must admit, I was very pleased with how the stand turned out. It's quite a simple idea, but quite effective I think, and is a fitting way to display such a marvellous model. It takes pride of place in my collection to this day.

    Best Regards,


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