USS Enterprise NCC-1701 ''Where No Man Has Gone Before'' Pilot Version

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Enterpriserft, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member


    I finished this few days ago, and I thounght that I could share it here..
    Unfortunately, I don't have any building pics, but anyway, hope you like it!!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

    It is actually a modification of Ron Caudillo's great model. You can get it here:

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  2. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    More pics..

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  3. Gomidefilho

    Gomidefilho Member

    Nice Model! Ron Enterprise is a State-of-Art piece, impressive work...
  4. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    good job. looks great!
  5. trekman1017

    trekman1017 Member

    are the nacell spikes paper? and did you dray on the modifications or use a computer?

    SEBRET Member

    Good job. Nice and straight. I like when Star Trek models have clean edges on the saucer.
  7. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Wow! Thanks for sharing with us Enterpriserft! That mod certainly looks great!

    Thanks all, for the compliments on the kit; my thanks to John Leslie who hosts the model!

    BTW, I have no problem with anyone who wants to modify my design. I thinks it's cool and interesting to see what can be done with my designs!

    Best Regards,
  8. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    Actually, the nacelle spikes are made of pieces of toothpicks, as well as the deflector spike:) And I always glue tha pages on a cardboard, and my little secret is that besides glue, I usually use tape!
    Btw, I have a lot of other Star Trek paper models too I could Show some of them too.

    And yes, I Modificated it with computer..
  9. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    And thanks to Ron's beatiful model of course!
  10. trekman1017

    trekman1017 Member

    are you gonna make this avaliable for download?
  11. trekman1017

    trekman1017 Member

    ever think about a version from "The Cage"?
  12. mchale

    mchale beach boy

    i like you did super duper job
  13. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    I've been thinkin if I should make it available..
    And I've already started to desing ''The Cage'' version of it. But hold on, it takes a little time.
  14. trekman1017

    trekman1017 Member

    how many models have you built?
  15. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    Many.. I don't even have exact number, and part of them are in my storage but right now in my room and displayed there is about 20 models.
  16. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    pics, pics, pics!!!!!!
  17. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    :mrgreen:I'll put more soon!:mrgreen:
  18. mchale

    mchale beach boy

    id like to see this able to bee downloaded
  19. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

  20. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    Yeah, Kelvin. Actually I've already built it. More pics are coming! Hold on. I have also planning to build the Star Trek XI Enterprise. Great that someone does these!

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