Uss Enterprise Ncc-1701-e

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by D-WHALE, Mar 22, 2008.

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    thats wrong:twisted:
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    At this point I would probably just change the textures and maybe enlarge the ship.
  4. uss exuiox by jay
  5. D-WHALE

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    to make the ship bigger is good, but the texture you dont need to change! maybe the parts, especially the impuls engine! that need more depth!!!

    hmm:confused: NO! also wrong, but JAY is right!!!
    it is his "USS Rhode Island":mrgreen: the Different is by the front of the saucer! and that model was REALLY hard to build in 1/1700:cool:

    here are pics!


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  6. CJTK1701

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    The thing is that I have a VERY accurate set of meshes of the Nemesis Enterprise.
  7. Stev0

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    Perhaps if your having texture issues you should build Clever's.
  8. D-WHALE

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    Hi Stev0!
    I dont know, what you! the translation to german with Babelfish was not correct:cry::confused:
    I know Clevers models! the texture is great, but the scale is to big! the "Equinox" and the "Rhode Island" has to many smale parts to scaled down!!! the model of Jay is simpler, but better scalable!

    or did you mean something else?
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    Bin doch neidisch, auf deine Fähigkeiten. Meine Modelle sehen immer wie nach einem Kampf aus.:cry:

    Are nevertheless envious, on your abilities. My models always look as like a fight.:cry:
  10. The Hermit

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    that stand is absolute gravy!!!!!

    excellent job on it..

    oh yeah the model is nice too...

  11. Tars

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    I have to recommend my own Equinox model, of course ;) It builds up to approximately 20cm in its current scale, which is unknown because I couldn't find data on the Equinoxes length so quickly... but I think it can be scaled down rather easily!
  12. D-WHALE

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  13. Tars

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    Ah thanks a lot! I'll try and put the model together this evening, it is still lacking its engineering section :D

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  14. gcsmith

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    Ihaven't been able to locate the lonk for downloading D-Whales version of NCC-1701-e Enterprise in this thread.

    Jerry Smith
  15. D-WHALE

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    sorry, but it is not MY ENT-E-version:oops: i´ve only scaled up the original model to my scale size!
    the original model is here:

    Sovereign class starship Ver. 2

    if you want the bigger version (only 15% bigger), sent me a PM!!!

  16. Tars

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    OK now here's the third Nova class in the ring ;) I calculated the scale 1:680, which should fit nicely to the plastic model voyager from revell/monogram. And this is not a coincidence ;)

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    Oh cool

    Unfortunately, I can't see the pics yet, but I will return for them when I have access rights.

    The enterprise is on my todo list.
  19. zitro25

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    That's a great build, D-Whale. Thanks for the close-up pictures and building tips. I've been meaning start on the model but have been putting it off because I couldn't make heads or tails on how some of the parts are supposed to come together. Enterprise-E will be my next build once I'm done with Enterprise-D.
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    template for the stand please.

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