USS Enterprise CVN 65 1/300

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by barry, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. gtb -red

    gtb -red Member

    full hulls always kick my butt. great work Barry!:mrgreen::thumb:
  2. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Beautiful work Barry. The quality of your work is something I hope to be able to achieve someday. Thanks for sharing your builds.
  3. barry

    barry Active Member

    Bridge structure

    Thanks Elliot and gtb

    Basically a big square box with a lot of bits added and chopped out it is lacking the main radar arrays while I figure out how to tackle them. The decks still need edging as well.

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  4. Gregory Shoda

    Gregory Shoda Member


    The bridgework is fascinating. Figuring out the various shapes involved must have been quite a project. This is an intriguing subject because of all the many details involved. I truly admire your inginuity and resourcefulness.

    One question: There are vast expanses of grey cardboard--are they printed on your printer, painted, or are they grey cardboard?

    Best regards,

  5. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hi Greg

    Thanks comments are appreciated.

    I should use grey card but I have never found the right shade and quality but luckily does pretty cheap HP ink

  6. mick80

    mick80 New Member

    Oh wow!!! Very impressive, congratulations!!!!!!!!
  7. barry

    barry Active Member

    Thank you Mick
  8. ghostflight

    ghostflight New Member

    Your builds are always an inspiration Barry. I'm going to have to practice harder to get that type of quality. Thanks for sharing.
  9. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hawkeye design

    Thanks Ghost

    Still needs a lot of work to unfold but at a small scale it should look about right

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  10. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hawkeye design

    Thanks Ghost

    Still needs a lot of work to unfold but at a small scale it should look about right
  11. barry

    barry Active Member

    lost the picture

    I suppose I should have added this

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  12. va6rly

    va6rly New Member

    Very nice work.
  13. Chameleon

    Chameleon New Member

    I just wanted to throw this in here; the model looks great! I do have some pics of the Big E I took in 2007. My father is a plankowner for CVA/N-65, So I've had the chance to go out on her. The pics I have are too big to post, but send me a message if you want me to email them.
  14. barry

    barry Active Member

    Thanks for dropping by not much done at the moment finishing HMS Starling and I have been on holiday.
  15. barry

    barry Active Member

    Fligt deck

    I spent a long time lining up as best I could the deck markings. Angled flight decks I found are much more difficult than straight decks, not so much chance for a bit of cheating. I have a pile of rejects to prove that.

    I should have put more strengthening pieces under the deck but it is stable enough. To get a smooth run it was easier to assemble the whole of the deck as one piece. Although it makes a difficult gluing job the piece is heavy enough to stay flat under it's own weight so some spot gluing along the edges should suffice. I am still half heartedly playing with having a lowered forward elevator but I think it will be prone to getting damaged. After gluing the next job will be turn the hull upside down and build the elevators in situ saves a lot of hard work trying to make them fit after building.

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  16. Gloups

    Gloups New Member

    Wow, very impressive work :eek:
  17. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hawkeye test build

    Thanks Gloups

    The Hawkeye is built using 140gsm card throughout it went together pretty well and at this scale looks like a Hawkeye. I will try to improve the landing gear it's out of position and construct a better nose cone. It will be tail heavy so it will have to be glued in place.

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  18. xrysaetos

    xrysaetos New Member

    Barry, how come you are not usig some of the freebie aircrafts in the net and just downscale them to fit?

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