USS Constitution and USS Cassin Young Fletcher Class Destroyer Photos

Discussion in 'Model History & Reference' started by Felixdk, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Awesome. I like the story about the Constitution's Ship's Wheel and it's origins.

  3. Jim Krauzlis

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    Superb photos, Don!

    I particularly appreciate the ones of Constitution. They will really come in handy in working on my rigging.

    Just one correction; she was launched in 1797; October 21, 1797, to be exact.

    Thanks for posting the links!

  4. gippolot

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    :thumb: Absolutely stunning photos Don.

    Thanks very much for letting us view such a magnificent old ship, (meaning the USS Constitution).

  5. SCEtoAux

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    Nice pics, especially of the destroyer. There was a discussion a while back about how high the railings on a ship are. Some of those pics gives a good idea on that.:)
  6. wyverns4

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    You Lucky Dawg!

    I'm dying to go there and crawl all over those old ships. The one I really want to go see is the USS Kidd, moored down in Louisiana. I'd reely like to do a 1/48 scale version of her. She had all of the armament I liked on board at one time - one torpedo rack, two Quad Bofors, 4x5", and some twin 20mm. Don't know if I'll do her in cardboard or traditional ship-modelling materials though.

    Semper Fi!


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