USS Cairo Test Build

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    This model would put some designers of the same subject matter, who sell their work, to shame! This is a wonderful model, memorial, and execution of design and build. It has been a pleasure and privilege to behold! :)
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    Announcement #1:

    The Beta build of the USS Cairo is almost completed, but has been delayed. The Beta build modeler is involved with personal business, and has not been able to work on the model. He should return to the test build shortly.

    On a happy note, other that the normal Beta build issues, no significant problems have reared their ugly head. A fine improved model with plenty of detail will be the result. Changes to the parts pages have kept pace with the Beta build, so update time will not additionally delay the model. The same cannot be said for the instruction pages, but that update time will be short.

    As soon as the Beta build is complete, the USS Cairo 1/250 scale paper model will be featured for free download at The Cairo will be available as a full hull or waterline version

    Beta build shots of the USS Cario are available on and I think you will agree this is going to be a fine model.

    Keep track of the Beta Build on the website.

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    Announcement #2:

    Design work has started on the HO and N scale galvanized MUD (Municipal Utility District) water storage tank, but has also been delayed. This delay is due to required business trips, extra time required on business while at home, and (more happy news) the arrival of a new, bigger, faster modeling design system. Most of the delay problems are on the downhill side and design work should resume in the second week of August.

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    Keep us updated, Please!! :)

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