USS Australia NCC-1004 1/1700

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  1. Gomidefilho

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    Hello friends!

    I walk here half inactive because of the summer in Brazil! Time of beach and of vacations.:twisted: But inspired in the work of D-WHALE, I present one of my last creations the cruiser USS Australia class Asia, one of the designs of great Masao Okazaki of Star Fleet Museum. I created two versions one in 1/1000 and other for 1/1700. I built the version scale 1/1700. The downloads are below the pictures. In each zip file he has two options in PDF more the model in PDO (it is blocked opens only in Pepakura Viewer 2) I will order the files later for the moderation to put in the section of downloads here of the forum. :thumb:


    The model in this scale is very small as they can see for USS Lantree and for the palm of my hand on the side, to build the small version hardly glue tabs. But I liked enough of the results...

    This small ship was developed in the end of the century XXII as light cruiser was one of the more advanced ships of the Federation at his time, I consider a good companion for the K-7 station of D-Whale ;)...

    Download Adress:

    Asia 1/1000 - online file sharing and storage - download Asia

    Asia 1/1700 - online file sharing and storage - download Asia Class

    Enjoy! And Cheers!

  2. D-WHALE

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    Hi Péricles!
    cool stuff! i like it!:thumb: But i think, i found an error! can you make a Pic from the side? I send you an E-Mail!!!

  3. col. kurtz

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    excellent looking starship :thumb: loooks bit like gabe kroners enterprise have you thought about modifying it to his specs? it would look excellent addition to the austrailia :thumb:
  4. Gomidefilho

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    Thank's friends!!!!!

    Thank you friends!

    D-WHALE As we talked for email, actually the mistake is my limitation in he doesn't know how to edit the meshe very well in Metasequoia, the junction between the neck and the inferior bridge needs to be done with x acto type Knife or it cuts whith scissors in the hour of the junction. But with their clues I believe that in the next models that problem type doesn't happen more. :mrgreen:

    Col. Kurtz thank you very much! I am happy that you have liked. :rolleyes:

    I liked a lot of building in this scale and intend use her as pattern from now on (The scale 1/1000 is very good but big depending on the subject, intend just to build important ships from now on in her).

    Cheers !!!

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    They are all important! :) I will have them in the download area sometime today as well for ya :)

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