USMC M40 A3 Sniper Rifle - Paper-Replika

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by tankboy44, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Are you still in active service? Bother of my brothers were Marines. I had a GT rating of 120 and almost made Officers Candidate school, till they saw the damage in my neck. I was so let down!!!! My older brother was in Vietnam during the TET offensive and got wounded severely then.
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    I love the M40 A3, just wish he would do a 1:1 version.

    I was going to do sniper training in the army but failed my hearing test and they denied me, should of listened when I was younger and turned down my rock musicsign1
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    Sometimes, I feel very guilty for not serving. I did get the Spinal Cord injury making bulkheads for Blackhawk helicopters, so that should count for something?
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    Zathros, I'm retired Mil and I'll give you points for that as I have spent many a day against a Black Hawk bulkhead (and my grandmother worked for many many years at Sikorsky on the admin side).
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    Thanks!! I got hurt really bad there. Life altering injuries that will end when I do. God is good though, and I ended up being a Mr. Mom. Hardest job I ever had (have!). My father died when I turned 5 so I genuinely had a reverse 2nd childhood with my son, and we play and play, and still do! :)

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