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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by sjsquirrel, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. sjsquirrel

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    Can any of you Meta veterans
    a) point me to good tutorials on working with textures in metasequoia or
    b) give me some how-to-get-started/what-to-watch-out for type tips that might save me a few headaches. I'm getting my feet wet in the design area and this will be coming up soon.

  2. barry

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    The only good article apart from NOBI's on this site

    Play with primitives, learn to use the edit panel, select the part select an axis in the panel click on that button move the mouse laft or right to control the movement.

    Good luck

    If you work out how to texture please write up how you did it I for one would be more than interested.

  3. NOBI

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  4. Gearz

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    Wooow!!... wish I had that K.Withers tut a few months ago.

    Steve.. your not the only one that's going to be doing some serious assimilation. Think I'll brew a BIG pot of coffee, empty the ashtray and break out the tissues ~ when I find out I've only been one click away from saving myself from weeks of unnecessary work.

  5. keith

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    sjsquirrel, first you need to apply a material with texture to your selected faces, then 'map' the faces to get it near enough and then if you need to tweak the texture use the UV tool to get the texture perfect.

    Don't worry if you get lost with the commands, it took me a month to get used to the interface.
    Also if you map a blank texure to the faces, you can paint directly onto the 3D model.
    You will find that you may need to run your paint program at the same time, continually editing your texture for the best look. If you do this, you will find a slight bug that either requires you to temporarily change the image or save and reload the model. The texture memory refresh system doesn't work too well.

    Barry, you do love that edit panel :)
    and when i rewrite the docs i'll remove my less than objective comments, just for you.
    Have you tried the local command yet, if you turn the shape toggle off, you can rotate the axis without rotating the object and then if you turn the shape toggle back on you can move the object along the new axis.
    If you want to move just points or faces you can use the 'L' switch in the edit options.
  6. barry

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    Edit Panel

    Thank you Keith !!

    Still trying to figure out so much of this program and 3d and the terminology there is so much to metaseq that I do not know. I have learned quite a bit today on better selection of panels. Not sure where I am supposed to type "L" though.

    Your dumb friend


  7. sjsquirrel

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    Thanks to all

    Thanks to all for the links. They are exactly what I needed.
  8. keith

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    No, the 'L' is a button in the edit option tab menu on the left.
    V2.40 has L W S = local, world, and screen coordinate systems.
    Previous versions only had W and S.

    Just to confuse you :)

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