using real water (sealing river bottom)

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by hephaest, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. shamus

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    Hi guys,
    I have used glass fibre to make a waterfall for an N-scale railroad I built some years back. Here's the effect it made. Photographs do make a frozen in time look anyway.
  2. scoobyloven

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    well i should get in to this one

    i have done the real water thing on 2 of my layouts.

    Here is what i did . frist i got some fiberglass sheets 1/4 thick and cut them 6 inches wider than needed for the space then i got a heat gun and heated it up just for i can bend it ( no longer than 12 inches ) after i got it the way i want it i would to a test fit. then i would get out the 2 part glue and join 2 pices and paint the back side of the glass the colors i wanted . then i would lay all the finshed pices into place once aginto see howq it looks and make any changes . then i would start by mixxing up some more two part glue and putting it down to hold the glass in place. after it is all in place and dryed for 24 hours iwould go back and do all the joints. and when that id dry i would do a final run with the glue along the top edges. and if you wanted to add real sand use that spray glue to hold it in place for the rocks use the 2 part glue. i have done it this way and had no leaks and my dad had done one on his layout 20 years ago this way and it is still working the same as the first day
  3. hephaest

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    real water

    how did you make the banks of the river look realistic?
    the reason why i wanted to use plaster was because you can pour it into a mould to resemble real cliffs and gorges.
    The plexiglass that you bent into a shape of a river does not have the texture of live rock. what did you add to it to make it look realistic?
  4. pondman

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    Just go to a water garden store and get a strip of pond liner it is .45 thick and you can shape it too.
    they also have 2 way tape made of rubber to stick it if you need water falls find some flat small rock (flag type)and stack them up with a little gret stuff for the glue and it will seal it .so water goes over the rocks .. the flow of the stream will depend on the size of pump you use too
  5. hephaest

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    using liner

    I tried the liner.
    its too stiff to fold flat against the banks of the river where there
    is a 90 degree bend in the river.
    and even if i had a liner that fits perfectly to the contours of the
    river, it still needs to have realistic river banks put on top of the
    liner. And that can be accomplished with plaster that can
    be poured into moulds. And plaster needs to be sealed. thus
    we are back to the beginnig.
  6. scoobyloven

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    i brought your qustion to my mom becouse she dose pottery and she told me when she used to make plaster bowls she used a glaze that needs to be heated but you can do it with a heat gun she just said mix it up in what ever color and apply it and hit it with the heat gun and when dry it would seal it but then my dad told me a guy that he knew just use that same stuff you would use in your basement to water proof the wallsw and you can add what ever color you want to it.

    who said we need to stay with the stuff they make for model trains

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