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Discussion in 'Extended Mediums' started by kk135, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. kk135

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for adding this forum. Sadly I only stumbled upon it today. I've been using the card models as templates for building in plastic for a while now. It all started out (oh, no, he's gonna tell a story) when the Observatory I'm working at was having a big Open House when the little rovers landed on Mars. I bought the SCI Kits Mars Global Surveyor card kit. It went together very nicely and when finished looked spectacular in the display. The problem occured quickly. When I went back to the display a few days later, I was so embarrassed. Both antenna of the orbiter had flopped in the humidity like a wet noodle. Hundreds of people had seen my flooped orbiter and none of the staff on duty thought to remove it... :(
    From then on, any kit that it thought would be seen anywhere other than my house, I've made from sheet styrene using the card parts as templates.
    Currently I'm doing a Deep Impact Craft from NASA. I have the bus done and now I'm working on the science pallet. I'll have a pic of it, in case anyone wouldlike to see, later on today.
  2. wunwinglow

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    The first step to dealing with this sort of thing is admitting the problem in the first place!

    Seriously, there are several forum members who do this for their modelmaking projects, me included. Have a look at the LCT4 pages on my site for example.

    Welcome to the forum anyway, and can we see some pics of your models?

    Tim P
  3. Gil

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    Hallo All,

    "Models Not Made of Paper" has a negative connotation..., I suggest we change it to "Extended Mediums for Paper Models". Then "aluminum foil paper" can resurface as can "acrylic model paste forming methods" and don't forget "styrene surface prep for inkjet printing"..., there's more but the negaitive title has prevented or stiffled creativity in this area. Who votes for a change or better yet a new category?

  4. Ron

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    Changed the title :)

  5. garyj36

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    Kev , I'd like to see pictures. Especially in an unfinished state
  6. jleslie48

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    ot: deep impact model

    here's my stock build of it:


    used 44lb glossy stock for a change, neat paper.
  7. blueeyedbear

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    I started building models back before the end of WW II out of balsa, bass wood, and tissue paper. Clear canopies were made of scraps of clear cellophane. Mostly they were scratch built from plans in the model building magazines (check out Now and then I would choke down two boxes of Wheaties and send off two box lids and a quarter for a paper model (check this one

    When plastic kits came out, I could afford them and worked in plastic until the mid 1990's, when I switched to paper, but I still use lots of plastic stock. [Prices are unreal now, and the thing is 1:32 scale or larger --- how about a 1:16 scale King Tiger with remote steering and canon that goes Boom. Only a couple of grand!]

    Find a good hobby shop (not a craft store), and prowl around. Packs of assorted styrene rods, tubes, strips, and sheets, as well as clear styrene and butyrate sheets in various thicknesses. Packs of brass and copper wire and tubes (talk about strong legs under your planes!). And beautiful cast resin wheels and such. Photo etched brass detail parts. Super glue in several thicknesses and in larger bottles (store in the fridge) than those in the craft stores. And debonder for when you glue your fingers together. In the railroad section, clear, red, green, and blue "lights", tiny little brass ladders and hand rails, and all kinds of things.

    Don't get all puffed up over using non paper materials. Isn't the object of the game building high quality models?

  8. Stev0

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    I have had a quick chat with a fellow I know (who is employed making models).

    He scratch builds his designs based on existing scifi models and upscales them in plastic card. I told him I was into paper modeling and he gave me a funny look. I told him it was pretty much the same thing he does but did'nt require painting. :)
  9. Gil

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    Printing on Styrene Sheet

    Stev0, You can print on the thinner sheets of styrene if they're coated with an inkjet receptor coating and you have a printer which has a more or less straight through printing path (non-HP style). Tim Perry ordered some of the receptor coating several years ago. I don't know how it worked since he never said anything about it again.

    A home made coating can be made by mixing PVA and clear acrylic varnish in equal parts. Adding a drop of detergent helps flow and coverage. I use a super fine roller to coat the sheet. The surface needs to be sealed after printing with either gloss or matte acrylic spray. -Gil
  10. Did someone ever...

    I found these guys on the internet, these models look great and seem to be something in between cardboard and 'the other stuff' I wondered if anyone is familiar with these models.\HACHomepage/
    Cheers, Billy
  11. rmks2000

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    I've always admired those kits but never had the guts to buy one (too expensive for me to mess up). Note that this was before scanners were inexpensive, and silver paper was not as readily available then. I have seen one built at the Paper Modelers Convention a few years back. I believe it was a Supermarine S5, and built by Rob Tauxe. He did a great job on it. I think he also built another multi-media kit, the Desmoiselle, published by Old Timers (or was that the name of the model series?). It looked very much like museum quality when completed. I've been trying to find that kit but it seems they may be out of print.
  12. 46rob

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    You've got to use whatever works for you---I myself have had some fun making "card models" out of flattened aluminum beverage cans.
  13. :rofl: Personaly I don't mind emptying cans,especialy beercans, but it never crossed my mind to make models out of it,at one occasion I repaired the muffler of my car with an empty beer can.... But it's a good idea..
    Cheers, Billy

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